Another World

Olivia is a 16 year old girl from London. Like everybody else, she is madly in love with One Direction. Everything falls into place at a meet and greet when a certain curly haired boy tells her shes "the one"


8. Screaming

''Liv'' Liam asked ''How long have you been pretending to be in a coma and listening to our conversation?''

I stayed silent

They all leaned in, their faces inches away from mine, i could feel them all breathing.

Wait for it Liv, wait for it...

''RAWRRR'' I jumped up and shouted

They all ran back screaming and falling onto the floor. I burst into a fit of laughter and started to tease the boys.

''Soooooo, Zayn?'' I asked,

''Yes Liv?''

''I'm fit am i?'' I asked again, raising my eyebrows. I couldnt help but laugh. All the boys started crying with laughter themselves

Zayn nodded

I gently kicked him to the floor

''Naughty Zayn! You have a girlfriend'' I shouted, the boys were all laughing, including Zayn. He got up, picked me up over his shoulder upsidedown and started spinning until we were both on the floor. I dragged Harry and Louis down with me. Niall stood there laughing, eating a hotdog. Were on Earth did he get that from. And Liam was taking pictures

''Ha! This is going on Twitter'' He laughed.

We all froze dead and pulled him on top of us, play fighting.

We were all stopped by a large looking nurse who had a look on her face that could kick the shit out of a truck driver.

''Ah'' She said ''I see your fine and ready to go, please sign some papers and you can all be on your way''


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