Another World

Olivia is a 16 year old girl from London. Like everybody else, she is madly in love with One Direction. Everything falls into place at a meet and greet when a certain curly haired boy tells her shes "the one"


6. I'm Not Ready

Olivia's POV

How am I being so calm? Like seriously, Harry freakin' Styles is talking to me.

I followed him into his hotel room and we both sat down on the couch.

''Are you going to tell me what happened?'' He asked me

''No'' I replied, I kept it short, I hope he understood that I didnt want to talk about it

''Why not? You cant keep hurting yourself Liv! It must be upsetting your family''

''Harry I dont want to talk about it!'' I snapped ''You know nothing about me or my family!''

He just stared at the floor, like what I'd said had really hurt him. Oh fuck. I've just upset Harry Styles.

''Harry.. I'm sorry, i.. i didnt mean to upset you. Its j-just hard for me to- I'm not ready to tell anybody'' I burst out crying and ran for the door. As i got to it, it swung open hitting me in the nose and four boys came running.

The other members of One Direction

''Oh shit I'm sorry!'' A voice said, i was lying on the floor. The voice came from Louis Tomlinson ''Love? Hello!?'' I felt him shaking me.

All boys crowded around me, they were all saying things to me like 'Wake up love!' Harry was crying

''Liv wake up!'' He was shouting. But I was awake. well, I could hear everyone anyway.

All the voices around me started to become slurred and i felt like i was drifting off to sleep. My head throbbed like mad

The voices around me were completley gone.

Everything went black and silent

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