Another World

Olivia is a 16 year old girl from London. Like everybody else, she is madly in love with One Direction. Everything falls into place at a meet and greet when a certain curly haired boy tells her shes "the one"


5. Harry


Olivia's POV

I gave Louise's hand a quick squeeze, i was so nervous

''Nealry at the front .  Liv'' She whispered. Oh my god, we are next. Were the last in the line! Oh my freakin' God!


Harry's POV

A whole day of writing the same autograph over and over again is not a fun day... Its not fun getting screamed at either. However, i like getting kissed by all of the girls. And i love meeting the fans. Without them, we wouldnt be were we are today

There were only a couple of girls left in the line. Thank god. Its not that i dont like meeting fans, i love meeting them. But we've been here 10 hours and it gets a little exhausting.

We were signing autographs for the last girl. She was gorgeous. Her eyes were brown and had a sparkle in them, she had hip length blonde hair curled slightley. She looked very nice, i wish i could stay and talk to her.

Something caught my attention while she shyly gave me an album to sign. She caught me staring and pulled her sleeve right over her wrist hoping i hadnt seen the huge cuts on her wrist.

I looked her in the eyes and asked her ''Why?''

She left my gaze and started to tear up ''You wouldnt understand Harry'' Tears flooded her cheeks, but she remained silent and still.

''Tell me love, i can try to understand'' I picked up her hand and kissed her wrist

''l-I cant, not here'' I looked around to see several people staring at us

I stood up and whispered in her ear ''From here, go straight to the other side of the hotel on your right. Wait at the back door, the fire exit. I'll meet you there in 20 minutes. Don't tell nobody'' I knew what I was doing was stupid. Very stupid. But she looked upset and troubled. The least I could do was help her.



Olivia's POV

I cant believe this, im actually going to have a conversation in 20 minutes with Harry Styles. But i dont know how to answer the questions he was going to ask me. I didnt want to scare him off, i came from a horrible background.

I made my way to the hotel, i told Lou i'd meet her in the house later. She didnt question me, she just told me to keep in touch.

I sat on the ground and checked my phone. It had been 20 minutes.

A tall, handsome, curly haired shadow approached me.

''Whats your name?'' Harry asked

''Olivia, but you can call me Liv'' I smiled at him

''Well Liv... We have a lot to talk about''






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