Misery (Short Stories)

This is just a few short stories I make on the fly. Updates will be random and yea. Mostly it's random deaths but in the end, they will be all pieced together. Try to piece it together if you think you can find the common factor. Thanks all ^^


2. Jack Frost


Have to keep running. Have to get away. Have to run. Run. Run. She could not get those words out of her mind. They kept repeating and repeating, the only thing keeping her going. Her heart was thumping against her chest, sweat dripping down her forehead. Her legs ached and going numb with pain. Ferocious winds whipped at her face. Her hair, white as the crispy snow beneath her bare feet. Her lips were pale blue and white, beautifully compared to winter's night. Her bright blue eyes began to pale and dim. Her bare skin sent a startling shiver up her spine.

Her numb feet had failed her as she fell into the snow. She huddled into a ball, attempting to warm herself. A few minutes pass and her light began to fade. She was withering away, losing to winter's might. Inside the shadows, a man crept with stealth. He approached the girl with a blanket made of fur, shining in silver and black. He covered her gently and slowly closed the girls piercing eyes. He stood up, gazing down on thee girl with a grin on his angular face. 

"Goodnight my sweet child and enjoy this frosty night." he whispered softly, losing his voice in the wind. He backed away and back into the tree's. 

Another night has gone by. Another Angel to follow in Jacks footsteps. Another shall cross him and enchant him with her beauty, and beauty is all of our greatest sins.

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