Misery (Short Stories)

This is just a few short stories I make on the fly. Updates will be random and yea. Mostly it's random deaths but in the end, they will be all pieced together. Try to piece it together if you think you can find the common factor. Thanks all ^^


1. Beach


The sun was bright, shining into the boys eyes. He flinched, covering his radar, green eyes with his pale hands. He looked down to the beach below him. The white sand seemed to sparkle and the water glistened. The waves crashed very softly, and a dog barked off in the distance. The boy smiled contently, looking at his bare feet. He wiggled his toes on the rocky surface. He stood solitary on the cliff side, the slight breeze ruffling his long, golden hair. He held out his arms to his side, closing his eyes. He let the breeze move swiftly over him and wrapping him in a cool blanket. He quickly opened his eyes and began to run at a fast pace, towards the edge. He then leapt up high, with his arms out doing circles and his legs out in front like he was sitting. He hit the ocean and into a dive. He swam up for air, brushing his wet hair out of his face. He inhaled deeply loving the smell of the ocean, salty and sweet at once with a purity twist. He swam around for a while beneath the waves to avoid sunburn. He then went to the sandy, white beach. A towel and umbrellas was set there already with a bucket of ice. He lyed down on the bright red towel,looking like blood on snow. He closed his eyes in relaxation and placing his strong arms behind his head. He dreamt of his life and how he had come so far. He had stumbled upon some money. Lots of money. He used it for a new home with his own beach. There was a swish coming from his side, startling him. He opened his eyes but as soon as he did, he was knocked on the temple of his head. It put him out like a light, feeling nothing. He could hear sounds but they were irregular and distorted. The waves began to haunt his mind with its constant crashing. He heard a loud Swish! near his ear, but he couldn't figure it out. Then he was gone. No sounds. A scream was heard when a girl came near the scene. The boy was dead, his neck torn open raggedly. A broken wine bottle with the top covered in blood. A man in black was off in the distant and then gone.

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