Together We Hunt

"Estefania Run i'll hold him off" Niall told me in his thick Irish accent.He was trying to fight it and hold her off as much as he could, but it wouldn't be long until she gets out of nialls gripped. I couldn't let him stay alone here it would kill him by it I mean a vampire. Me and Niall are partners no were more then that were actually dating. Since we start dating his been way more protective before he wouldn't had told me to run. He would had let me fight along his side. So I decide I won't stand it I'm going to stay here by side. I don't care what situation it is bad or good I would always stay by his side. "NO" I took the sword that was in the floor start running towards the vampire. This sword wasn't like no others it was a bless sword. Only this weapon can really hurt a vampire. If you stab them in the hurt it would kill them its like you put venom in there hurts either that or you take off there heads which is way more hard to do. The vampire turn around and ran towards me the


4. Chapter 4

I put on the most serious face I could. 

"Well Erm...You see..hum..." I kept going around things because I didn't know how to tell him.I mean this a strange subject and hard to tell him. "Just tell me sweetheart it can't be anything so bad...I'll never change my feelings for you" damn his making this even more hard. I took I deep breath and let out a loud sigh. Niall look more and more curious and worry. I should have slept with him so it wouldn't matter much and he would be happy when i told him this.


"Ok so I'm going right to the point. So the council have ask for me in particular to go in a secret mission. They think the vampires are super mad. The king of then is planning on taken over the world. He is mad specially because We" I stop "No I kill his wife. The one who we last kill. The woman that gave you that injury....Niall we kill the queen of the vampires. " I stop to catch my breath "They have told me that only the ones with the highest level of fighting can do this even tho I'm only 19 im there strongest fighter niall know I don't back out from a mission" that's all I had to say. Niall keep quite which actually kill me inside I wanted to know what he was thinking

"You can't go without me. You will get hurt" "No I wont my fighting skills are the best I been training all my life non stop" "Estefania I don't want to have a dead girlfriend. Okk the queen is no where near the same level as the king!! He is more dangerous. He even has witches at his side. You can't go!" this was making my blood boil. I'm getting tired of him thinking I'm weak. "No niall is Okk I'm not going alone" it was true the others high level hunters were going. Niall wasn't the best fighter to be real. But he was smart that's what made us the perfect team. I mean like I said niall fights but only when he sees I'm in extreme danger. He would always get hurt tho. I always did all the killing with the cool catch phrase.

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