Together We Hunt

"Estefania Run i'll hold him off" Niall told me in his thick Irish accent.He was trying to fight it and hold her off as much as he could, but it wouldn't be long until she gets out of nialls gripped. I couldn't let him stay alone here it would kill him by it I mean a vampire. Me and Niall are partners no were more then that were actually dating. Since we start dating his been way more protective before he wouldn't had told me to run. He would had let me fight along his side. So I decide I won't stand it I'm going to stay here by side. I don't care what situation it is bad or good I would always stay by his side. "NO" I took the sword that was in the floor start running towards the vampire. This sword wasn't like no others it was a bless sword. Only this weapon can really hurt a vampire. If you stab them in the hurt it would kill them its like you put venom in there hurts either that or you take off there heads which is way more hard to do. The vampire turn around and ran towards me the


3. Chapter 3

I got into my PJ's which was just a pink tank top and gray shorts. Niall was already sleeping that's all his been doing lately. I jump into the bed and cover myself up with the blanket. "Oh Niall Love you been hurt so many times. It makes me feel pain. All because your trying to protect me. You should had known since the first time you saw me I was a great warrior. I can take care of myself. Your a good fighter too but you won't use your skills to defend yourself. I'm afraid one of this days genesis wont be able to safe you anymore" I was crying my heart out. I got out of the bed and start going to the exit. I went to the couch I didn't want niall to see me crying. I didn't like crying because it shows my weak side. Niall was my weak side. He was my everything literally my only family.


"Estefania?" I turn my head and saw niall. Damn it I was probably red as a tomato right now. "Niall...Erm you should probably go back to bed. Babe" I gave him a fake smile. "No I'm not sleepy...What's wrong Estefania?" He came and sat down next to me. "Nothing" I told him and gave him another fake smile


"NOTHING?? DON'T COME AT ME WITH THAT BULLISHIT!!!" He scream at me but stop to take a a deep breath "I'm sorry. Forgive me" "I forgive you" "Is just not in the five year I know you have I ever saw you cry. So seeing you like this makes me worry so much. For you to say nothing is just so frustrating right now. You have come to your limit Estefania. Trust me I am here for you I would do anything for you. And is more painful to see you like this then being stabbed by your own sword. By the way what kind of idiot let's that happen" that made me crack a little smile "Ah there you go that's the beautiful smile I like seeing" He poke my cheeck"Niall don't poke my cheeck" I push him now there was a a half naked niall on my couch laying down. I have seen niall like this many times but I still can't believe his all mine.


"Like the view babe?" I moan "Yeah I sure do" I start getting closer to him until I finally put my lips on his. We kiss for a long time until we have to breath. I put my forehead on his. I start kissing his neck. I felt something pocking my thighs. I felt honor that I was turning him on.I stop kissing his neck and I wanted to kiss him but when I saw niall with close eyes and him biting his lips trying hard not to moan I decide to seduce him. I went to his ear and start whispering as seductive as I could "Babe let it out. Is sexy when you moan it turns me on" after that I heard him moan. "mmm yeah like that your such an obitiant boy" I start kissing him in the lips passionately. Niall broke the kiss "I.....Can't......Believe....I....Felt....So....Hard.....On....the.....Bad....Girl...On.....The.....girl...Who....Stabbed....Me....Five....Years....Ago" 

he said in between breaths.


This made me happy. He start kissing me again. His hands were slowly going down to my bum. When he got there he squeeze it lightly making me moan in between our kiss. I felt him smile. I stop us from going any further from this because Genesis specific instructions were that he needs to rest for 2 weeks. He needs to eat healthy light food and stay in bed. He complain a lot about the food but always end it up eating it cause he knew I wasn't going to feed him anything else. The point is that it hasn't been 2 weeks yet so we can't do this. I pull myself off him and stod up. "Let's go to bed. You need to rest. If we want you to get better we can't do this. Not right now" "What the hell you get me all turn and your not going to finish the job?" he whined like a little kid that wanted some candy. I nodded "Yup" I put extra sound and pop out the 'P' "Now let's go" He stood up as well. When we were both in bed I decide to tell him something I didn't want to say but I can't lied to him either.

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