Together We Hunt

"Estefania Run i'll hold him off" Niall told me in his thick Irish accent.He was trying to fight it and hold her off as much as he could, but it wouldn't be long until she gets out of nialls gripped. I couldn't let him stay alone here it would kill him by it I mean a vampire. Me and Niall are partners no were more then that were actually dating. Since we start dating his been way more protective before he wouldn't had told me to run. He would had let me fight along his side. So I decide I won't stand it I'm going to stay here by side. I don't care what situation it is bad or good I would always stay by his side. "NO" I took the sword that was in the floor start running towards the vampire. This sword wasn't like no others it was a bless sword. Only this weapon can really hurt a vampire. If you stab them in the hurt it would kill them its like you put venom in there hurts either that or you take off there heads which is way more hard to do. The vampire turn around and ran towards me the


2. chapter 2

I ran towards niall as fast as I could "Nialler babe" tears were running down my face. I took my hands and put then behind his back. He open one way.It kind relief me but not so much. I rip off a piece of my shirt and start putting pressure on nialls injury. "Your so strong estefania" I smile "Niall Stop your forcing yourself" I took out my phone and dial Genesis number.

Genesis is a the special doctor for only us. She's a witch but she only uses her power to transport herself she's a good witch who likes to help people. We have her because we don't want any police or people in the hospital asking us 'How did this happen?' and we couldn't come up with an answer.- after 2 rings she pick up "Niall is hurt GET HER NOW!" I yelled the last part making sure she knows its an emergency. After a minute she got here.


"Holly shit this one is serious" I nodded "Yeah the vampire stabbed him with his own sword." Genesis chuckle and I gave her a 'What the fuck is wrong with you' look "How reckless of Niall letting a vampire hurt him with his own Weapon" now that I think about it, it is reckless. Oh niall. I have never gotten hurt I might get some scratches but nothing to serious. I was quit fast and had good reflexes. Plus I have a big mouth and say what come to mind makes things more interesting. I been training to be a vampire hunter since I was little. I was born that way either way my mom and dad were same as me. My mom was kill by a vampire and my dad got turn into one and kill himself. Suicidal.

That's the reason I put so much effort in my work to kill each and every single one of them. Before I meet niall i was worst then now I made them suffer as much as I could. This days I only kill them as fast so they won't feel so Much pain.

Niall was forced to be a vampire hunter he was also born into a family of vampire Hunters but he though that some were nice and they werent all evil. He obviously hasn't seen the real monster inside of them. Even now he doesn't really fighting them he only really fights back if its to protect them. I love niall but he would never understand my pain inside me. My hatred. The need to have a mother. To have a father to help you. He would never will understand my real feelings.

While Genesis was doing her thing trying to keep niall alive and trying to cure him I was remembering the first time I saw niall.


"Die you worthless monster" I start running with my sword heading directly to the so call Nicolas stomach. He seem like a normal human but he wasn't. He douche my attack tho. It was summer it was hot and dark outside here. Damn Texas can get hot in the summers. But I had to accept my mission no matter what I never back out. I been train my entire life and I'm very experience plus this vampire has sink to level the lowest level. He has no sanity left inside him.

I grabbed the gun inside my belt and dropped the sword. Each bullet inside here has been put under a witches spell and can hurt this motherfuckers . It won't kill them but it would slow them down enough for me to rip there heads slowly. Plus it bring pain insidr them and they ball up like a little warm. Oh how I love then seeing them suffer. I bullet trough the head is even better I bet the pain is unbearable to them. I took my sword in my hand start walking towards the men with a devilish smile.

When I went into my death mode I'm not myself . I feel my heart go dark and adrenaline takes over me it was an amazing feeling. I bent down and decide that ripping off his head would be Better today. I was already making cracks on his neck when I was almost there I heard somebody yell from a distance "STOP" The dirty blooms boy was running as fast as he could. He stop infront of us. Nicolas took this advantage of my distraction to start scouting to try and run away. But I saw his movements at the comer of my eyes. "Oh hell no" I kik him in the stomach so hard that he was now leaning in the wall coughing off blood of the his mouth disgusting. I stood up and grabbed my sword I was heading toward his hearts when I felt something grabbed my hand. My eyes widened I turn around to see the boy who had yelled at me earlier.


His hair was dirty blond. His eyes were as blue as the ocean itself. Tall and handsome. Something so beautiful can't be human. I smile "Two In a row huh? Well bitches come to me. The council will be so proud of me. I might just go to the next level and finally become A high level hunter" I chuckle. The men gave me a smirk "You stole my Job you know?" what?? his job I'm confused. I turn around and grabbed my pocket knife. I stabbed him in the arm and he started bleeding he then dropped to the floor. His in pain because of that? Damn his human "Shit what's your problem?" I was worried but I couldn't show him everybody thinks im a cold bitch and I would like to keep it like that."Making sure you weren't of them" I said coldly. I then turn around and provide of taking his head of and Bam! He was dead.


I turn around and grabbed a piece of rip clothing I always keep around just incased I get injured. I wouldn't be so stupid to let that happen tho. "Here" I handed him the piece of clothing. He took it and put it in his bleeding arm. "What's your name? And why did you try stopping me if you are a vampire hunter and our job is to kill them" I once again spoke coldly. "Name Niall Horan" I chuckle "Well I'm sure you get teased a lot with that name of yours" I said playfully. "Yeah Yeah I know" He put on a serious face" I stop you because sometimes its not fair to kill vampires if some of them just one to live peacefully" i didn't like this answer. My hand was forming into a fist. But I had to relax I don't want to hit him and mess up that gorgeous face of his. If I even hit him I would make a black spot or break his nose. Yes just with one punch I could do that that's how strong I am. "Let's go to my flat....I can take of that injury there" He nodded and stood up.

******End of Flashback******


That idiot of niall has gotten himself hurt many times just cause he wants to reason with does monsters. The main reason for us fighting was that topic. That he should change his mind that they are all the same . Monsters that would eventually lose their mind and there control for some blood. "K done...mmm I'll use my magic to transfer us all to yor house there niall would have to rest for about 2 weeks Ok?"Genesis interrupt me from my thought.She gave me a gentle smile and simply gave her a smile.

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