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As Abigail attempts to discover the difference between love and lust, she finds that she must choose between the two people that care about her most. An obvious choice becomes more complex, when the decision becomes a conflict between her heart and her mind. She finds a resolve in Toby, but no amount of courage could overcome the ongoing fear that is withheld by her current boyfriend, Marcus. Betrayal and heartache engulf Abigail's life in a frenzy of emotions as the awful feats of love take a toll on her life for the worst. Will she make the right choice or will her decision cause her more pain than she could have ever imagined?


1. Prologue

 "Kiss me." Abigail said to Toby.

"But what about Marcus?" Toby said his lips inches from Abigail's.

Abigail looked down, her eyes flickering with remorse and guilt. She unwrapped her arms around his neck and backed out of his grip on her hips.

Toby's arms fell to his sides he searched her face for a grasp on of what she was feeling. "Abbie," he said stepping closer to her.

"No," her voice shook as she tried to clear it. "You're right, I should probably go find him. But Tobias..."

Toby looked her straight in the eye, "Yes?" He bit his lip nervously.

"I do care about you, way more than I should, but-" Abigail was interrupted by Marcus's voice from across the lawn of the party.

"Abbie! Come here babe." His voice was slurred and loud.

Abigail shook her head and let out a breath, "8:05 and drunk already, new record." She mumbled just loud enough to where Toby could hear. "I'm sorry, Toby." Abigail said as she started to walk towards Marcus.

"You deserve better." He said, and she turned around and gave him a slight smile before Marcus draped his arm around her neck glaring back at Tobias.

"Was he giving you trouble, babe?" Marcus asked, slurring his words together and holding Abigail close, by her neck.

"No, he wasn't, we were just talking." Abigail said turning her head away from him and the smell of vodka on his breath.

"Abbs, he was going to use you. You're lucky you have me." Marcus said unwrapping his arm from Abigail's neck and pulling her close by her waist. "Let's go get you a drink. " he said pulling her with him.

"Mark, you know I don't drink." Abigail said, " and it's getting late and cold. Can we go soon?" She asked getting closer.

Marcus took off his letterman jacket and draped it around her shoulders. "Okay twenty-five more minutes. I'm gonna go get another drink. Meet me at the door in twenty." He kissed her cheek and went into the house.

Abigail crossed her arms and walked back over to the grassy area where she and Tobias had just been. She need to think.

"Why do you put up with him?" Tobias’s familiar light voice, deep green eyes, and short sandy blonde hair made Abigail's stomach flutter. He was sitting, looking down at the grass, his legs spread and his hands on his knees.

"Toby-" he stopped her with a kiss. His lips were soft and Abigail couldn't help but kiss him back.

He pulled away and smiled slightly, his dimples just barely showing. "Don't tell me you didn't feel anything." He said sighing.

"You're going to make me choose aren't you?" Abigail asked sighing.

"I don't know what else I can do, Abbie," he sat back down on the stump pulling her lightly by her fingertips.

She sat on his knee, swimming in his deep emerald eyes. "I've never cared so much for someone. And it drives me crazy when you tell people your brother hit  your eye with a baseball on accident. I know what really happened." Abbie raised a hand to the corner of her eye where what felt like a pound of makeup was trying to conceal a bruise.  Toby pulled her hand down, held it loosely, and kissed the bruise. "The only thing we disagree on is what sport to watch." Abigail laughed and hugged Toby tightly.

"Just give me three days." She whispered in his ear. He nodded and kissed the corner of her jaw bone. She smiled, nestling her head in his neck as he ran three of his fingers up and down her back.

"Babe?" Marcus called from across the lawn again. "Where are you Abbie?"

Abbie's head immediately shot up. "Stay, I'll take you home." Toby said holding her by her hip protectively.    

"Toby," Abbie started pulling away.

"Please." Toby started to kiss her nose, then cheek, then her lips.

"Fine," Abbie said pulling out her phone.

"Couldn't find you earlier and I wanted to go home so I left, I'll see you soon. Your jacket is on the counter.  xo -Abbs"

"Happy?" Abbie asked Toby leaning into him.

Toby wrapped his arms around her feeling her shiver. "Cold?" He asked rubbing her arm.

She nodded her head as he took off his dark blue hoodie. "Here."

"No, you don't have anything on underneath." She said handing it back to him as she stared at his abs.

He shook his head and pulled the hoodie over her. It felt warm and smelled like him, mint. She put her head on his shoulder, cuddled into him, and closed her eyes. "We really don't have anything in common." She said.

"Okay, quiz time." He said in a ridiculous voice making Abbie giggle as he wrapped his arms around her and swayed. "Favorite color?"

"Blue."  She smiled faintly.

"Dido." He said kissing the top of her head. "Your turn."

"Okay, you got that one. Hmmm. Oooo! Top 3 subjects in order?"

He thought about that one for a second, "English Acc., then World History, then my elective."

"Okay how'd you know? That's my order." She said astonished.

He laughed, simply and light.

I already know a lot about you, he thought. Don't you remember 8th grade. Anything?

"Tobias?" Abbie said, her head in front of his now.

"You're the only one who calls me that." He said in a whisper, smirking.

Abbie blushed, "Sorry Toby."

He slowly shook his head, "No, I like it. Like Tobias from Divergent." He smirked.

She smiled, "I always had a crush on Tobias." She whispered.

"I know." He said simply. She kissed him. Forgetting all about Marcus and the pain she would soon suffer.  

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