I Finally Found You.

Has Marlies Mom been keeping secrets? Marlies Moves to a whole new town and meets the boy she loves. Will Maura find her and help her? Or will Maura never show up? Marlies mom is a Wizard. Marlies is to. But never knew. Read this story for the answer! ��


1. Past time (intro)

Neil- Maura! run!

Maura- I'm not leaving You!

Neil- GO! The villagers are on their way! The hate us! They will kill you!

Maura- I will free you!

~tries to push giant log off leg-~

Neil- It's no use, go, run. Go to our tree! Drink the water! I will be with you in a another life time. 

Neil's eyes start fluttering.

Maura~ No! 

She is crying so hard right now. The villagers set their castle on fire. Neil got caught on something and it fell and he's stuck.  His circulation is cutting down and smoke is filling his lungs.

Neil~ Go! I love you!

Maura kisses him. And says good bye. She runs out the back door and in to the forest.

               Maura's  POV: 

I ran. I was crying. I made it to our tree. It's our tree because you could see the castle perfectly. I turned around. I looked at our castle go up in flames and the screams of the villagers. I turned around and fell to the ground of the tree. There was the water that can make you immortal right in front of me. I dip my hands in and take a sip. My stomach gets all tingly. This is it. I am going to be immortal.

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