I Finally Found You.

Has Marlies Mom been keeping secrets? Marlies Moves to a whole new town and meets the boy she loves. Will Maura find her and help her? Or will Maura never show up? Marlies mom is a Wizard. Marlies is to. But never knew. Read this story for the answer! ��


6. Chapter 2

Marlie's POV: 

  Me and my mom pulled up to the House. AND let me tell you it was HUGE!
When I got out there was a Limo that pulled up across the street with another U-Haul. Hmmm... Some one else is moving in across the street. Hopefully I can have some friends up here. 6 people stepped out of the Limo. The first one out was a man that had a black short that said security on the back. The second one out was a boy with brown shaved heir and brown eyes, then a boy with a black quiff and brown eyes stepped out, then a boy with curly hair, bright green emerald eyes looked my way and smiled, WOW! That smile was cheeky, then a boy with brown hair and beautiful blueish grayish eyes stepped out. Then this boy with blond hair stepped out, he was CUTE! He had those bright blue eyes with his blond hair and brown roots. He waved to me and smiled, his smiled was ADORABLE! I waved back and smiled. I turned to the U-Haul and grabbed my suitcase and ran inside. This house was a castle! It was gigantic. My mom said that they fixed it up and put every room on the 1st floor and put the bedrooms upstairs. I ran up the grand stair case. I looked in every room till I found a room that wasn't castley themed all the way with rock walls. Is room had purple flat walls and there was all my furniture already in here. The walls had darker color bubbles around it for the paint. This room was perfect! There also was a walk in closet that was HUGE! And I had my OWN bathroom. I love my room. After all the stuff was set and the U-Haul was gone there was a knock on the door. I ran down stairs, my mom went to the store to get food for us. I opened the door and lightly gasped...


A/N Filler Story! Sowwy! If I get 10 likes and 5 favorites I WILL post the next chapter when I have enough. I'm not trying to be selfish and all it's just I don't think anyone enjoys my story here... Well see u when I have enough! (BTW the chapter is done and REALLY REALLY LONG) 8~Trinity)

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