I Finally Found You.

Has Marlies Mom been keeping secrets? Marlies Moves to a whole new town and meets the boy she loves. Will Maura find her and help her? Or will Maura never show up? Marlies mom is a Wizard. Marlies is to. But never knew. Read this story for the answer! ��


4. Chapter 1

Nialls POV:

 Simon- Boys! Hurry up we are going to be late!

Me- I'm coming! I say while running down the stairs.

Louis is behind me. Then harry and Zayn. Liam was already down stairs.

Simon- ok. Boys put on your disguises and get on airplane flight #12 and the address to the house is 12080 Klutch Rd.

Liam- Ok. 

We all rush out of out old apartment. We were all moving to a new house for a bigger studio. 

 We drive to the airport. Well Liam does. We go to flight #12 with our disguises on.  We hand the lady the ticket and walk to the plane. I have window seat all by myself. Louis and Harry are sitting next to each other and zayn and Liam are on their phones texting their girlfriends. I don't have a girlfriend. Well.... I do and her name is FOOD. Haha. Well I wish I could wake up every morning and send a text to a girl I love. We are of course One Direction so we get a private area. 

We are starting a new album in a new area. We are moving to a manis ion that's very old. 

I start thinking about what the people will be like their. I drift off in to sleep after that.

<After Flight> 

We are driving to the new house. I wonder what it's like there.

We drive up to a giant house. More to say a mansion. All of our luggage is outside. I jump out of the car and see a car pulling up across the street from us. A Girl with Brown hair and dip dyed blonde tips, sparkling Green Eyes, and a cute smile. She looks my way and I wave to her. She waves back. I see a Women that looks like her but in an older version. She waves to me and I wave back. A U-Haul pulls up behind them. I turn around and grab my stuff and run inside the house . I run upstairs and chose the first door on the right. I open the room to a light minty green color. It has a bathroom with a jacozii. Ya! I unpack and run down stairs and grab a basket and fill it with muffins.

Me~ Liam! I going across the street to say hi to the new neighbors.

Liam~ ok!

I run across the street nervous as I'll ever be.  I slowly walk up to the door. I just stand there to scared to knock. I build up my courage and knock....


A/n First photo ill show you is the boys house. Next chapter will be Marlies! 


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