Bloody Love

when grace meet's 1D at a meet and greet Niall falls for her but she doesn't know there darkest secret they're vampires. and when grace does find out will she stay? will the boys kill her? find out!


4. why me?


I got up and went to the door but, when I opened it I realized I was staring into the red eyes of harry styles.

I jumped back. " Harry what the heck?!" I yelled. he laughed. 'sorry' I heard harry's voice in my head. " come on down stairs we need to tell you something." we went down stairs. Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. were sitting there in the living room. "ok now your here we can tell you what's going on because we thought you'd be wondering." Louis said. "No dip Sherlock." I said. he gave me a glare. " So, as you know we are vampires." Liam said. "yeah." "well we have powers so we can read peoples minds and we can lift heavy things and turn invisible and make people say thing they don't want to." he said. "ok." I said. I should be panicking but I didn't. don't ask because I don't know why. "But don't I have to go home?" I asked. they looked at me. "You cant." harry said. "Why not?" "because we cant trust you." Harry said. " WHAT?! I CAN'T GO HOME! THAT'S STUPID I HATE THIS!!!" I yelled. I cant believe this! It's just- just- UGH! I run up stairs to the bedroom I woke up in. where's my phone? I thought. 'sorry love, we took it and broke it.' Niall's voice said in my head. tears rolled down my face. why me?  

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