Bloody Love

when grace meet's 1D at a meet and greet Niall falls for her but she doesn't know there darkest secret they're vampires. and when grace does find out will she stay? will the boys kill her? find out!


5. Leave me alone!

I just walked around the room the rest of the night. I keep thinking about my mom, and friends and family. I knew now they could read mt mind so I tried to make them let me go, but of course all I got was 'sorry love, but you have to stay with us now' and other crap like that. I was mad, but finally around 3am I fell asleep. I couldn't think of anything else to do. In the morning I heard my stomach grumble 'Come down there is food for you in the kitchen' said Liam.  I refused, but then faster than you could say food I was in the kitchen. "Fine!" i said as I sat down. I ate the food and then said "I have to change." "There are some clothes in your room." Liam said.

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