Bloody Love

when grace meet's 1D at a meet and greet Niall falls for her but she doesn't know there darkest secret they're vampires. and when grace does find out will she stay? will the boys kill her? find out!


8. harry

Liam's POV: Grace just passed out and me, Niall, Zayn, and Louis were trying our best to save her to save her so she won't become monsters like us. I never want her to become a vampire it is NOT how humans make it out to be! We can never let humans know about us and going after Grace and making her stay was a mistake and now, we are all in danger. "I'm going to look for Harry you guys keep trying." I said. "Ok." they all said together. its weird how they do that.... I walked down the halls it was really dark so it made it kinda spooky. I saw some red eyes glowing to the side of me. I turn ready to bite when a light came on. "What the-" I said. "Liam? what are you doing up?" Harry asked half asleep. "Trying to find you! did you know what happened to Grace?" I asked. "What?! what happened?! is she ok?!" he said worriedly. He looked so scared I knew he didn't do it. "No she not alright, she's been bitten." I said quietly. "Oh my gosh, show me." He said. I led him upstairs to her room. When we walked in Louis looked at me and said, "Liam we can't do anything for her accept turn her." oh no, I didn't want to but it was the only way to save her. "Niall, you can your the one who got us into this." Louis said. "Ok..." Niall said. we all walked out. we heard a crack and Niall say, "Ok guys she'll be out till later we might as well go to bed. with that we all went to bed.

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