Bloody Love

when grace meet's 1D at a meet and greet Niall falls for her but she doesn't know there darkest secret they're vampires. and when grace does find out will she stay? will the boys kill her? find out!


3. flashback

grace's POV: *flashback* I was getting my album signed by one direction. I was super exciting. when I had got a hug and signature from all the boys I went to the bathroom and when I came out I heard a scearm. I ran towards were it came from. then I saw something that I should never have seen. 5 boys blood running down the coners of there mouths and red in there was niall, Louis, harry, liam, and zayn. I gasped loudly. " did you guys hear that." harry asked. "come on." Louis said. I ran away and went into the girls bathroom until I was sure that they were gone. But, when I walked outside I ran into Niall, " hello love were are you going?" he asked. "just going home." I said. man I was a good actor. " not yet your not." he said, with his eyes turning red and fangs coming out. I ran away. *end of flashback* I woke up. I wasn't at my house. the room had red walls and black carpet, a queen size bed which I was in, and a flat screen tv. I got up and went to the door but, when I opened it, I realized I was staring into the red eyes of harry styles...

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