After the sad dumping of Taylor and Harry the world is seeing a sad, depressed Harry. But with a crazy friend Liam the band come up with a way to get away from Taylor's squeaky, moaning songs and make their friend forget his blues.


2. Humming to the lose of love

The car rolled quickly through the streets of London.

Liam and Niall have started fighting of a game of poker, Zayn sat back in his seat and was 'relaxing his eyelids' and Harry looked out the window, giving sad little sighs now and then. Liam looked up as Harry flicked at his curls and started giving deeper sighs. The driver looked in the mirror and asked, "you alright there son?"

Harry nodded and Liam answered on his behalf,

"just a little upset with all the trouble that's been going on." He gave a drop dead goreous smile which seemed to make male driver blush red and look back on the road, mumbling Liam said, "okay creepy." Niall laughed at this and placed down a four of hearts. Suddenly the car was filled with the voice of a female angel - at least Harry thought so and lifted his head away from the window, the beautiful lyrics rang out clear and loud...'and we are never ever ever, get back together.' A little to clear for Harry who let out a sob, Liam looked up as Zayn opened his eyes and glanced across the seat at Harry. Niall placed the cards down and gave Harry a gentle pat on the back, "Alright man, Didn't get over her fast enough,huh?"

Harry sobbed hard and Niall got a, now you've done it, look from Zayn. Harry looked up into the face of his friends and said,

"It's really the end isn't it?"

The other three glanced at each other wondering what to say and how to put it, Zayn had Adele 'skyfall' in his head - 'this is the end' -  finally Liam gave a smile and said,

"these only one way to get over a dumping..."

"Oh really, and that would be?" Zayn said raising an eyebrow. Liam waited for the excitment reach high and then threw his hands in the air,

"A hoilday far far away."

The boys looked up at him as if he'd gone nuts, Liam silently thought to himself he had gone nuts. Zayn nodded slowly and then turned to face the driver,

"Change of plan, can we go to the airport."




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