After the sad dumping of Taylor and Harry the world is seeing a sad, depressed Harry. But with a crazy friend Liam the band come up with a way to get away from Taylor's squeaky, moaning songs and make their friend forget his blues.


1. Getting into the beat

"come on we are going to be late!" Liam said as he whizzed pasted Harry to get to the front door, Harry sighed and flicked a curl from left to right and got back to scribbling a few words down onto a piece of paper. Liam reappeared, "Did you hear me?" he said waving his hand in Harry's direction, turning to look over his shoulder at Zayn he asked, "Can you please drag him downstairs and into the car?" and with that Liam walked out of the door and into the waiting car. Zayn hopped over to Harry and pulled him up,

"Come on, you can cry later about her. Right now we've got a performance to do, out the door please." Zayn pointed towards the door as Harry slumped towards it with legs of stone. Just then Niall appeared from the bathroom with toothpaste down his chin, Zayn tapped his foot and asked, " And where have you been?"

"Dancing with the fairy godmother." Niall smiled and wiped the rest of the paste off his face and grabbed his coat, "where'd you think?" he tutted and stepped out the door followed by Zayn who quickly locked the door and dived into the car together. With seatbelts clicked and Harry staring out the tinted widow depressed as ever, the car rolled out of the hotel driveway and into the boy's new tour.

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