After the sad dumping of Taylor and Harry the world is seeing a sad, depressed Harry. But with a crazy friend Liam the band come up with a way to get away from Taylor's squeaky, moaning songs and make their friend forget his blues.


4. Everything is crimson clear

The lights went up and the credits rolled across the screen. Danny stretched in his seat and gave a yawn, "that was officially the lamest film of the year." grabbing his half filled coke bottle and his empty pick 'n' mix bag he slid out of the row and exited the screen room 3. Jason and Maria shrugged and got up, "I liked it, the holiday from hell experience" Maria laughed. Jason held her hand as the entered the food and ticket stalls and found Danny.

All three of them walked out of the cinema and down the street, Danny was still fuming over the film, "what the hell involve assassins?" he took a quick swig of his coke. Jason gave a smile as Maria hugged tighter to his arm and whispered, "imagine if it was real" she gave a giggle.


The End

Thank you for reading

love Lucifer Kiss


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