After the sad dumping of Taylor and Harry the world is seeing a sad, depressed Harry. But with a crazy friend Liam the band come up with a way to get away from Taylor's squeaky, moaning songs and make their friend forget his blues.


3. Bouncing from roof to roof

"Why are we doing this, just remind me please?" Harry mumbled as Liam dragged him down the streets of Paris. they'd landed yesterday evening and after a restful night's sleep and this morning swimming the darkness had finally appeared and the boys were hunting down a nightclub. Harry wasn't up for getting totally wasted like Liam and the others - he'd already had the press after him in England and didn't want anymore problems from the press if he was seen drinking or kissing the face of a lamp post, which had happen before.

Loud music bounced out of a club door and into the street, Niall gave a sinister grin and grabbed Harry by the elbow and threw him through the black painted door. Zayn laughed and whispered, "He going to get drunk?" and frowned when Niall laughed madly,

"Oh yeah, if I have anything to do with it he'll be drunk in five seconds." And with that Niall bounced into the action. Liam stood next Zayn and asked,

"still think I'm the mad one?"

"Nope, now it's Niall. Come on don't want to miss the party!" Zayn said as he ran a hand through his hair, placed a faked smile on his face and waltzed into the nightclub. Liam hesitated, suddenly thinking that a holiday was such a great idea.

 Shrugging the feeling off he walked into the club. 


Ezio smiled from the shadows, he flicked his hidden blade and smiled at the happy sound it made. Connor stepped up behind him and whispered, "We going to do this then?"

Ezio nodded and whistled, suddenly Altair landed quietly from the roof of the night club followed by Edward. They all gave a wicked grin and entered the nightclub.


Thirty seconds later and the members one Direction lay dead at the feet of Ezio and Altair. 

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