After the sad dumping of Taylor and Harry the world is seeing a sad, depressed Harry. But with a crazy friend Liam the band come up with a way to get away from Taylor's squeaky, moaning songs and make their friend forget his blues.


5. Blade and Bass (Alternate Ending)

Danté Ombraspada

The four Assassins entered the club and were assaulted by the sound of drum and bass.

With a pained nod at each other, they agreed it was an awful sound, and were grateful that their hoods muffled the noise, if only slightly.

Connor pointed over to the bar. Standing there were all 5 of the boys from One Direction.

Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis all stood, drinking from cocktail glasses.

"I get Harry," said Ezio, moving forwards.

The others hesitated. Sure, they were all Master Assassins, but there were five boys.

And surely killing them would be against the Creed, no matter how much they despised their music.

"May the Father of Understanding guide us!" the boys cheered, and as one the Assassins engaged their hidden blades.

Ezio was already upon them, and the other three ran forward.

Harry turned, a knife catching Ezio's blade.

"I have nothing to lose!" he cried, his annoying voice ringing through the nightclub.

Everyone heard - Altair had thrown a knife which had been dodged, and had ended up in the speakers.

Everyone's eyes were on the four Assassins, and the five...

"Templars," Connor snarled.

"Careful, my boy," Edward said, a reassuring hand on his grandson's shoulder.

Within moments they were all fighting.

Harry fought Ezio; Niall fought Altair; Zayn fought Connor; Liam fought Edward.

And Louis? Louis cowered at the bar, a mysterious boy in a grey hoodie standing over him.

"So you are Desmond?" Ezio commented.

Desmond nodded. "I'm still alive!"

That was when everything stopped.

A stalemate had occurred.

Harry had a knife to Ezio's throat, whilst Ezio held his hidden blade to Harry's; Niall held Altair's wrist inches from his face, with a knife next to his throat; Zayn had managed to wrestle Connor to the ground, and they both had blades at each other's chests; Edward held a flintlock to Liam's head, whilst Liam had a knife to Edward's inner thigh; Desmond had been tackled by Loius, and they were rolled in a heap, ready to deliver vicious punches.

It took a moment, but then they all moved away.

"Who leads the Templars now?" Ezio asked.

The boys exchanged glances. The now terrified Louis squeaked, "Simon Cowell."

"We'll be back for you once he is dead," Connor snarled, returning his tomahawk to its holster.

"We'll be ready," Harry replied.

As the Assassins walked out of the club, he burst into tears. "I should never have told Taylor I was a Templar!"

Ezio chuckled at the sobbing boy. "We'll get them next time."

The Assassins smiled at him and nodded.

"Nothing is true. Everything is permitted," they chorused.

"I still don't understand that," Desmond muttered.

The other Assassins laughed at the boy.

"You will."

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