Forever is Forever *IN EDITING*

*A ONE DIRECTION FANFIC* Olivia Hobbins. A normal girl both inside and out. But she has a few minor issues with her past. While hanging out wiht her bff Layla she bumps into a certain curly haired boy. Will she let him in or shut out completley from her past?


14. Some New Ideas

Olvia's POV:

"I'm pregnant." I said. Lou and El took this moment to slip away.Harry looked me deep in the eyes. I bit the inside of my cheek. "I'm so sorry Harry." He blinked "For what?" I looked down "For ruining your life!" I shouted. HE lifted my chin up "You didn't ruin my life. You just made it ten times better. I'm going to be a dad!" He smiled as tears streamed down his face. He kissed me long and hard. He pulled away "What are we going to name it?" I shrugged "Whatever you want." He smiled holdng my belly "IF it's a girl Darcy. A boy Delcan." He said. I nodded and he knelt down next to my bubbled belly "Hello baby. I'm you daddy." He chuckled and tears streamed faster down his face. He kissed my stomach and stood up hugging me tight. He kissed me and kept crying. I pulled away "Aren't I supposed to be the one crying in releif?" He msiled and wiped his tears. "Here lets make is official." He pulle dhis phone out and opened the twitter app

@Harry_Styles: JUst got the best news of my life. I'm going to be a DAD!!

It was blwon up with tweets.

@harrysbabe: what?!

@niallerslove: awe!! congrats

@harrysoneandonly: awe! with olivia? the on you roposed to onstage!

@jHarry_Styles: @harrysoneandonly yes with @OliviaHobbins143 my beautiful soon to be wife and mother of my child!


Is miled some more as Harry talke don and on about how well this baby will be.


Okay I updated again. In the next chapter i'll skip ahead a month. But should the baby be a boy or girl?

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