Forever is Forever *IN EDITING*

*A ONE DIRECTION FANFIC* Olivia Hobbins. A normal girl both inside and out. But she has a few minor issues with her past. While hanging out wiht her bff Layla she bumps into a certain curly haired boy. Will she let him in or shut out completley from her past?


9. Repairs


So before this was my last chapter but im going to try to keep it going. Now im making a competition! For Liam, and Zayn gf. I like Louis and eleanor together. also if I get a good enough entry I'll put ina girl for niall. So comment or email away at


Harry's POV:

I sat up most of the night thinking. I mean, I couldn't believe that people would hate someone so much and try to tear a beautiful couple apart. I watched the rise and fall of Olivia's chest. It soothed me and made me feel at peace. My phone viabrated on the stand. A text

From: Boo Bear

HAZZA! Eleanor is flying in later today and she wants kind of like a girls night out with liv. do you think taht could happen?

To: Boo Bear

Yea im sure livs would love it. she needs a break :/

From: Boo Bear

no soppy soppy sadness allowed. be HAPPY text u in a while corcidile bye

I rolled my eyes and didn't reply. I laid down and wrapped my arms around Olivia's torso. I kissed the top of her head and fell asleep.


Dont kill me for the short chapter. Im just trying to make it better. its 11:23 at ngiht and I worked on my other movella 'The Willow Tree'. That one currently only has 4 chapters but tis most recent. and im also doing a gf contest. liam louis and zayn. so if you want to be a gf in either this story or that one comment or email. for the other story though I already ahve a gf for louis sorry! and dont midn the spelling errors on on a plane and doing this on my cell phone screen. ttyl!

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