Forever is Forever *IN EDITING*

*A ONE DIRECTION FANFIC* Olivia Hobbins. A normal girl both inside and out. But she has a few minor issues with her past. While hanging out wiht her bff Layla she bumps into a certain curly haired boy. Will she let him in or shut out completley from her past?


17. Mr. & Mrs. Styles

Olivia's POV:

I took a few deep breaths. This was it. In five minutes that music will play and I will walk down the aisle. Eleanor Danielle and Perrie giggled. "Olivia calm down!" eleanor scolded. I smiled.

Harry's POV:

I shook my hair and Lou glared at me from the fornt row. "What?" She crossed her arms "Harry as your stylist I am mad. It took forever to get your hair like that and you just shake it out." She pouted and I chuckled. The organ began playing "Here we go." I smiled

Olivia's POV:

As soona s the organ started the girls got in position. They all slowly walked out before me. Then I heard my cue I rounded the corner and began to descend down the aisle. Harry had a huge grin on his face. When I reache dhim I handed Perrie my flowers. Harry took my hand.

"You may be seated" The pastor began. "Ladie and Gentlemen. We gather here today in holy matramony to join this man and this woman at the hand of marriage. If anyone has a reason why these two should not be wed. PLease speak now." Slience. "Okay may I have the rings?" Liam stepped forward holding his baby cousin. He handd us the rings. Harry slipped mine on and I slipped his on. "Olivia do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband as long as you both shall live?"

"I do"

"Harry. do you take Olivia to be your lawfully wedded wife as long as you both shall live?"

I do"

"I know pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Harry smiled and kissed me tight on the lips. Cheers.

** skip to leaving for honeymoon**

I walked outside hand in hand with Harry. As we approached someone released a thousand white butterflies. It was so pretty. Harry and I got in the car and drove off.




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