Forever is Forever *IN EDITING*

*A ONE DIRECTION FANFIC* Olivia Hobbins. A normal girl both inside and out. But she has a few minor issues with her past. While hanging out wiht her bff Layla she bumps into a certain curly haired boy. Will she let him in or shut out completley from her past?


11. Meeting Eleanor

Olivia's POV:

I woke up and felt Harry breath hot on my neck. His lips were less than an inch away from my skin. I rolled over to face him. Awe! He was so cute when he was sleeping. I chewed on my lip as I stared at his. Then I had an idea. Since he was laying on his back I decided to get on him. I put one leg on either said of his waist. Then I bent down and my lips met his. He immediatley woke up and began kissing me back. His hands held my waist. He sat us up and continued kissing me. I pulled away and he smiled "What a great way to wake up." I smiled and began to climb off him. He pulled me back and hugged me "I love you." I smiled and nuzzled his neck "Love you more." He sat back with a 'is that a channeleg?' look. "No way in hell! I love you the most!" I smiled and winked "Yea right." Then I jumped off the bed and ran. Harry was close behind. As I went to run around the couch a apir of strong arms wrapped around my waist "Gothca!" He started tickling me. "Say I love you more!"

"Never!" I choke dout. "Say it!" I shook my head. I fell on my back on the couch he was towering over me still tickling me. I sat up on my elbows and kissed him. He quit tickling me. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Harry pulled away and went to answer it.

"Hazza!" a girl greeted him. She steppe din and wrapped him in a hug. She had shoulderish length hair and beautiful brown eyes. She smiled at me "Hi I'm eleanor." I smiled and shook ehr hand "Olivia."

"Yup I know. Now go get ready! were off to the mall!" I ran upstairs to get ready.

When I got back Eleanor took my hand and began pulling me out the door. I protested and kissed Harry once more. Eleanor tugged imaptiently. Harry chuckled as I disappeared

"We are going to have so much fun!" eleanor shreiked as we skipped down the hall an doutside.

So. Much. Fun.


okay finally updated! please like my movella and read my other one the willow tree. i just started it out! Thanks! .xx.

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