Forever is Forever *IN EDITING*

*A ONE DIRECTION FANFIC* Olivia Hobbins. A normal girl both inside and out. But she has a few minor issues with her past. While hanging out wiht her bff Layla she bumps into a certain curly haired boy. Will she let him in or shut out completley from her past?


1. Meet Him


Olivia's POV:

I sat up in in a cold sweat. The dream was overpowering. I heard a noise and whipped my head around to make sure I was alone. It was just my cat Genevieve (jen-a-vee-v). I stroked her back and she arched diggin her nails into the soft cotton of my blanket. It was only 4 am. I decided to take a shower. I grabbed a towel and went into the bathroom. I hopped in before it was fully warmed up so it was still slightly cold. I let the water wash away my sleepiness. I also imagined it washing away my pain and sorrow. I heard a soft knock on the door and my mums voice floated in "Sweetie? Are you alright?" I shut the water off, dried off and got dressed. "Ya fine." I opened the door and my mum smiled faintly "I uh, couldn't sleep." My mum followed me into my bedroom. Genevieve was curled up on my pillow now purring softly. I sat on my bed scratching behind her ears. She meowed at me and fell asleep again. Mum patted my knee "Was it the dream again?" I nodded a tear or two slipping down my cheek. Mum hugged me and whispered "It's ok baby. I'm here." I clutched her shirt and cried "I just can't believe it happened. Just 5 or so days ago we went shopping at Home Depot for a new carpet!" Mum began crying with me. I laid down with Genevieve curled up next to my chest. My mum began singing to me

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

you make me happy when skies are grey

you'll never know dear, how much I love you.

Please don't take my sunshine away."

Mum kissed my forehead and left. I fell asleep again and had no dream.

I awoke around 10 ish. A note was taped to my alarm clock. It stated mum worked late to not wait up and my dad's truck keys were on the table with some money. I drug myself out of bed and got dressed. I wore white riped skinny jeans, a baby pink v-neck shirt and silver flats. I texted my bff Layla "Wanna go out today? Coffee?" I sat at the kitchen table and awaited her answer. I stared at my dad's truck keys. My phone went off and scared me "Sure." I told her to be ready in 5. I grabbed the keys and left. When I got in the truck I laid my head on the steeringwheel willing myself not to cry. Then I started the engine and drove to Layla's. She was wearing a baby blue colored summer dress with a ribbon of silk around the waist. She climbed in and I smiled "Nice outfit." She tugged on the edge of her skirt and nodded towards me "You to." I drove off to a cafe. We ordered two lattes and relaxed in a booth. Someone came in the door that was behind me and Layla's eyes grew huge. I watched her as her eyes followed the boy. He was tallish and he had very curly hair. I didn't see a face. He was wearing dark jeans and a white shirt. I watched him out of the corner of my eye. He ordered something and waited. When he recieved his drink he turned around looking over the cafe. He noticed me looking and I turned away. He walked over to me "Mind if I sit?" His voice was thick with a Birtish accent. I nodded and moved over so he could sit with me. He had emerald green eyes and a charming face with dimples. I cringed a bit. I always fell for dimples. I focused on Layla. Her mouth was hanging open. I smirked and leaned forward "Catchin flies Layla?" She glowered and snapped her mouth shut, emitting a rumbling laugh from the boy next to us. He looked at me and stuck out his hand "Hey. I'm Harry Styles." I nodded and took his hand "Olivia Lenwoods. And this-" I gestured to Layla "-Is Layla Conwood." Harry nodded to both of us. Then realization hit me. Harry Styles.. Oh shit! A guy form One Direction was sitting right next to me. I kept calm and Layla said nothing. Soon enough Layla left. I finished my coffee and went to leave. Harry followed me and walked me to my car. Suddenly a group of girls spotted him and began running towards us. He looked at me with pleading eyes "Get in" I said as I ran to the drivers side. We pulled out just in time. I took Harry to my place.

I pulled up the car and shut the enging off. Harry looked around the truck "Nice car." I nodded and gave a watery smile "Thanks. It was my dad's before.." MY voice hitched and I tried again "-before.." No luck. Harry pulled me to his chest as I sobbed. Afterwards I led him into my house. He looked around admiring it all. I went in the kitchen and got some water. Harry followed. He leaned against the counter staring at me. I looked at him "What?" He shrugged then came over to me. He put his hands on my waist and lifted me up setting me on the counter. He stood in front of me his hands still resting on my waist. I smiled and looked towards the cd player. Harry followed my gaze and walked over to it. He spoke without looking up "What do you have in?" I shrugged waving it off "Oh you know. Stuff." He hit play and I flinched as the first few strings of Little Things rang out in the kitchen. He looked at me raising and eyebrows "Yeah stuff" He came over and pulled me off the counter. He began dancing me around the kitchen singing in my ear "I know you never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, you never loved you stomach or your thighs. The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine but I'll love them endlessly." He was looking into my eyes. Then he bent down and kissed me softly on the lips. When he pulled away I turned stepping out of his arms "I-I'm sorry." Harry lifted my chin and looked at me "Don't be" He whispered. His voice was swoon worthy. He kissed me once more. When he pulled away he looked deeply into my eyes "Olivia?" I nodded "I know we only just met but, uh, will you be my girlfriend?" I hesitated then I nodded. Harry picked me up and spun me around. When he set me down Little things was ending. He sang again "Because it you, oh it's you, it's you they add up to. I'm in love with. And all these little things." I smiled and my mum walked in. She called for me heading towards the kitchen "Olivia! OLiv-" She stopped when she seen up. My arms were around Harry's neck and his hands on my waist. I stepped away quickly and stopped the music. I pecked her on the cheek and helped with the groceries. Afterwards she made three mugs of tea and we sat in the living room. Harry and I on the couch and her in the chair. I motioned towards my mum "mum, this is Harry. Harry Styles." I turned to Harry "Harry this is my mum, Gracelynn." Harry and my mum shook hands. I explained that Harry was my boyfriend and he was in a band. When I mentioned that Harry turned to me "Speakign of which. I'm going back home soon. Will you come with? I own my own flat." I turned to mum and she seemed delighted "Sounds great. Olivia has been down lately. She needs a pick-me-up." Harry clapped announcing it was settled and we leave tommorw morning. Mum invited him to stay over and he could sleep where he pleased. After packing I said goodnight. Harry slept in my brothers room who was away at college.

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