Champ Sister

Macy is a 15 year old girl. She lives in a small town in Ohio with her family.
But Macy is not an ordinary girl. And her family is not an ordinary family.


2. Sunday?


Sunday..I don't really know how I feel about Sundays. I'm away from the gym but it's the only day I get to spend with my family. Sunday always seems like a really long day, nothing happens on Sundays. It's the same everyday...

Sam, comes running into my room, jumps on my bed, and drags my sheets of so the cold air brushes my sore legs. 

"May! May! carry me down the stairs!" Sam screams, I try not to hear him. After 5 minutes of him yelling I give up. I throw him over my head, and carry him down the stairs. 

Clara and Cara are sitting at the morning table, they're 6 and they're twins. They're always quiet. I get a bowl of Cheerios and sit down next to them. I try to get a conversation going, but they just answer with "yes" or "no" so I give up. Then Chloe joins us she  is just a year younger than me, she has always been the one of the 10 I'm closest to. We sit and talk about my gymnastics. She tells stories about her singing at the mall, and how stressed mom is. My mom is always stressed, and when she is stressed she ends up sending another child to an Elite sport. That's how I got into gymnastics. She did the same to Cara and Clara. She sent them to a dance sommer school, and after the summer they got a plance on an elite team. So they're not home much either.

So me and Chloe talk about that for a while.  Then her friend calls her and asks if she wants to come to the park and hang for a while. Chloe forces me to come with her, so I go. It's really cold at the park. Chloe and her friends just sit and talk about boys and school, and I feel really wired, because us girls at the gym, are not allowed to see boys, and we're home schooled. But other than that her friends seem really nice, normal. When it starts getting darker, we head home. We stop at a tank station cause' Chloe has to buy something, but it turns out, she just wants to talk to the guy who works there. 

When we are home, we eat dinner then do our homework. Me and Chloe share a room, so we just go to bed then talk for a while until dad comes in and tells us to turn the lights off. 

-And that is pretty much how every Sunday goes. The same every day.


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