Hit Me Again

Our lives as we know it is complete turbulence. I have personally sought out in this novel to cover very touchy, and dramatic situations the average female faces everyday of her life--or at some point. Though no one wants to talk about these horrible things, it is happening and I am going to say it again. We all need love, we all need to know we are loved, and we all will face the inevitable. These girls lives will change no matter if it's for the good, or for the bad.This story contains: [Graphic descriptions, abusive language, drug abuse, violent content]


1. Quote: ''As A Human"/Author's Note



“Though I am wounded, my scars will heal. They tend to mend—even as my heart still breaks. I am my own love, and my strength is my faith…” --Eunis Woods



Author's Note:


Hello audience. This novel may be offensive to some viewers. I must warn you ahead of time before you read inside my thoughts, I just want you to know this is the 'woman' I see depicted throughout the world. Though we are many races, and we probably have different backgrounds; this story is not intended to bash nor ridicule any sex orientation, religion, gender, or ethnicity. Though my characters mentioned in my story all are from my heart, and imagination some of the topics depicted in this novel can be true. Any actual person whom has suffered any traumatic events foretold in my book is very strong indeed. Though life tends to break us as women, and young girls down; we must know to survive against all odds. Happy readings, and I hope you will enjoy. There is a hidden lesson within this story, perhaps a message for they whom do not know. For they shall not know unless they seek.

I understand, therefore I am. And you are my sisters and I love you all. You are my brothers and I love you all.

Dedicated to us <3 With love,

Eunis Ladybugg

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