deeper than deep

a girl named desirae is a swimmer but when she goes into her social life things get crazy and it effects her when she has a swimming competion and she messes it up and it changes her life deeper than deep


4. The real bully and why

Emma Denver the old bff but the new bully. But, why they asked her why would you do this to us?  It made me feel better Emma said.I don't know why I did it and I never meant it to turn out this way i'm so so sorry i was really jealous that we aren't friends anymore.You better be sorry Abby said.Hey,Hey Abby calm down but why did you keep on bullying me if you never meant for it to turn out this way?I honestly can't tell you cause i don't know the answer myself.But i promise from now on I  wont bully you and i'll own up and tell everybody it was me and what i said is not true.Are you sure?You promise?A promise is a promise i wont do this ever again.You swear? I cross my heart and hope to die.Somehow i don't believe her Abby said as Emma left.The next day Emma bullied her again.

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