deeper than deep

a girl named desirae is a swimmer but when she goes into her social life things get crazy and it effects her when she has a swimming competion and she messes it up and it changes her life deeper than deep


2. her dangerous swim competition

we were already about to go so we got on the bus. But when we got seated Abby answered me and said i don't know but don't worry about it to much cause i know your not and so just say back what happened and that you didn't write that, but don't let that get to your head cause it will effect your swimming. but you don't want to ruin all of your hard work over a stupid little status that everybody knows is not true.I said you know what your right i'm just going to say what happened. but then as she went to go type it she saw what other people were saying and things much worse and you're so right perfect status only a few kids said leave her alone.She showed Abby and she said it will be fine just ignore it I know you can do it.Then they finally arrived in Boston (where there swim competition was) everyone did great except when it was Desirae's turn she was only thinking about her chatters page so when she went to go to go dive  and swim she hit her head and got hurt after 30 seconds  she didn't come up right away so they called 911

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