deeper than deep

a girl named desirae is a swimmer but when she goes into her social life things get crazy and it effects her when she has a swimming competion and she messes it up and it changes her life deeper than deep


3. Boston hospital

everyone was worried especially Abby Police asked Abby questions and when the doctors came out and said she was blind and could never ever swim again  Abby  started to cry. In a few months Desirae got better but the cyber bullying didn't stop Abby promised that when she found out who was bullying Desirae that they would be sorry.The hospital was Boston hospital because they were only a few blocks away Des had crutches and she had lost a little bit of her memory she had to have a check up everyone month to see how she was doing one day Abby went with her today she found out he also had a brain tumor.Now she lived in the hospital hoping her treatments would work.She appreciated all the things that the Boston hospital did to get her tumor out in they did finally she got to go back to school yet the bullying didn't stop that  was the one thing des said she didn't miss.Abby was about done with this bully though she did not know who it was she wanted to get rid of them even if it was her.(hahahahahahahaha its not her)   

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