The year is 1963. Billie Eastman, the daughter of Republican congressman whose world has been sharply shaken at the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, is a renowned siren - and a wailing one at that. Her father wants her to marry a man whom she despises, and yet she seems to have taken a shining to a man who just happens to be her father's enemy: Jack King, Democrat.
And now, amidst political parties at loggerheads; in a world that belongs to men, a conspiracy has emerged - who assassinated JFK? Jack King says one thing, her father another - but whose word will she take?


1. Prologue

It wasn't supposed to be something you remembered. A fling, a momentary bout of recklessness that would linger in the newspapers - local not worldwide - for mere weeks afterward.

I won't say that I regretted what I did because I didn't - even though it seemed to wreck those around me.

I won't say that I enjoyed ruining her entire life because I didn't - not really.

And I won't say that I love him because I didn't. I didn't.

I simply adored him.

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