Only In Destruction Can One Find Hope

Zayn, Harry, Louis, Emilia, her mother and the remaining passengers set off on what they thought was a regular train journey.

A massive train crash causes destruction. The passengers are trapped. Lives are lost. Lives are changed. No-one makes it out the same person.

Can new found love and strong bound friendships survive when chaos appears at every corner? And most importantly which passengers will make it out alive?


2. Chapter Two.

Zayn POV
I stared at Louis and Harry in disbelief as they fought over who should get the window seat. Typical.

“Why can’t you just sit opposite each other, so you both get a window seat?” Am I the only one who thought that was obvious? I scanned the carriage looking for her. I let out a sigh as she nor her possible mother were nowhere to be seen. I wiped the dust from the fabric of the seat next to Louis before I sat down. After seconds of fidgeting and placing my legs on top of Louis’ that were already sprawled over Harry’s, I finally felt comfortable.

“Knock knock” Louis asked cheerfully, breaking the silence.
“Who’s there?” Harry asked eagerly, while I sat waiting for Louis to stop snickering to himself and just tell the damn joke.
“URINE!” Louis almost shouted, causing the gothic couple next to us to stare at us with confused expressions. I rolled my eyes, anticipating the punch line.
“Urine, who?” I heard myself ask, unsure why I was going along with this.
Louis held back the laugh that had been brewing and began to sing the answer at the top of his lungs. Oh god.
“Urine secure, don’t know what for-“ Louis interrupted himself as he burst into a fit of giggles that echoed through the train. Everyone else was silent at this point except for the three of us who were in fits of laughter. Louis proudly fell onto the floor in fondness of his own joke. I’m pretty sure he hadn’t guessed that me and Haz were laughing at him rather than with him.
“Can you guy’s keep your voice’s down my son is trying to sleep!” A seemingly aggravated lady demanded in our direction.
“I think she’s talking to us,” Louis not so quietly whispered, before shoving his hands over his face in aim to make his laughs more quite. Harry whenever glancing in Louis’ direction would roar with laughter causing the mothers’ eyes to grow angry. After a high pitched laugh from Louis darted through the carriage, her four year old looking son woke up. Oops.
“Thank you” the worn out lady mimed sarcastically while sticking her middle finger up at us, before turning her attention back to the son, that was bouncing up and down joyfully on her lap.
“Isn’t he adorable” Harry protested, while staring mesmerized at the young boy. Louis repeatedly pulled a variety of funny faces at the young boy whenever his mother wasn’t looking causing him to giggle.

A large bulky man bent down to tie his lace, allowing me to get a good view of the front half of the carriage. There she was. Her head resting peacefully on the older woman’s shoulder who sat next to her. All I could think about was how beautiful she looked when she slept.

Louis and Harry noticed my sudden interest in my front direction and began to wonder what I had been staring at for the past few minutes.

“Ew look Harry, he’s drooling!” “oooo is Zayn in love,” “Zayn wants her to be his girlfriend!” As the mocking phrases continued I felt my cheeks heat up. It’s not like they were even trying to be discrete about it, as their, at first hushed teases raised in volume. It was only when Harry started pointing at the girl that I punched them both forcefully in the arm.

All of a sudden my shoulders became tense. The lights on top of the trains ceiling began to flicker.

“You’d think they could afford better Li-“ Louis was interrupted by a child’s cry coming from the young boys direction. The speed of the train seemed to increase and the loudness of its wheels against the tracks pierced through my ears.
“Wha-what’s happening?” Harry barely managed to squeeze out. The usual intensity of his green eyes faded away as fear over took them. Louis’ usual cheery self, disappeared, as shock invaded his emotions. The speed of the train once again increased. How was this even possible?  The train began to shake. I I began to panic. Screams could be heard from the distant carriages. Why were people screaming? What is happening? Louis and Harry clung to each other for dear life.My eyes darted around to see if it Louis and Harry were overreacting. I spotted her trembling with fear in a frightened embrace with what I thought must be her mother. My heart froze. I wanted to make her believe everything would be right. To hold her. I wanted to..

The train harshly jolted into the tunnel wall, my eyes unintentionally closed. I was 13 again, sitting by the fireplace back in my old home, counting how many marshmallows my mum had served with my hot chocolate.

Narrators POV

The train came to a forceful stop, after bouncing off the narrow walls of the tunnel. The screams stopped. Only a deadly remained.

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