Only In Destruction Can One Find Hope

Zayn, Harry, Louis, Emilia, her mother and the remaining passengers set off on what they thought was a regular train journey.

A massive train crash causes destruction. The passengers are trapped. Lives are lost. Lives are changed. No-one makes it out the same person.

Can new found love and strong bound friendships survive when chaos appears at every corner? And most importantly which passengers will make it out alive?


3. Chapter Three.

Narrators POV

It had been minutes since the four carriage train bounced off the tunnel walls and came to a disastrous stop. The first and second of the four carriages took the brunt of the crash leaving nothing but lifeless bodies. The third and fourth carriages were damaged, broken and contained a mixture of people whose injuries varied from bloody noses to death.

Harry’s POV

Shit. What the hell just happened? I had to fight with my eyelids to let them open. Goosebumps formed on the surface of both my arms. Everything was black, except for the light that violently flickered in the corner of the carriage. I valued it as I much as I did sunshine at this point. As I lifted my arm to try and lift myself up, a sharp sensation flew up my arm causing me to fall back down to my original lying position. I’m pretty sure I’ve dislocated my shoulder. It took a few minutes for me to regain full consciousness and realise what had actual happened. Wait. No. Louis. Zayn. No. Shit.
“LOUIS… ZAYN” I managed to croak out a lot quieter than I would have hoped for.

No reply. Shit. Shit. Shit. What- what if? Please no.

“LOUIS” I shrieked. My eyes began to sting. I gave myself a few seconds to draw up enough energy to shout for Zayn. I took a long breath.

“Z-“ I  heard a husky cough. It was a familiar cough. Louis? I managed to lift myself up far enough to appear over the broken chair that lay disheveled in front of me. Louis. I crawled one armed over the broken glass. He lay there lifelessly. He was hurt. His face severely cut. My heart raced knowing he hadn't yet moved. A thought struck out of my mind. Did the cough even come from his mouth?

“Lou are-” a more disgruntled cough came this time. Except, it didn't come from his lips. I scanned the darkness using the dim light as my source. Zayn. I sighed with relief that I had finally found him, but at the same time a lump developed in my throat, as my bestfriend was showing no signs of movement. I wobbled over to Zayn to make sure he was ok, putting the fear of Louis to the back of my mind. Just for a second.

“Zayn.. Are you OK?”

Zayn mumbled something that I couldn't make out. I got to his side.


“Zayn, oh thank god you’re awake” With that I leapt into him giving him a one armed hug.

He didn't look too badly damaged. His upper lip was bruised and swollen. A deep graze travelled from his eyebrow all the way down to his swollen lip. He wasn’t looking his best self, but as least he looked like he’d be alright thank God!

“wha-what happened” I heard Zayn mutter. If I wasn’t as close to him as I was I wouldn’t have even known he spoke.

“Is Lou o-“ I tucked my head into my chest. Zayn knew something must have been wrong as he stopped talking and set his fearful eyes on me.

“I-i- I’m not sure, I should go back. I’m going to wake him up, he will wake up!” My voice broke on the last sentence. He just had to. I rushed back to Louis ignoring the excruciating pain that came down my left side.

“Lou. Lou.” Still no answer. I placed his head in between my shaky hands. He looked so broken. “Lou, wake up” I thought about shaking him but that would probably do more bad than good. I sat there in the painful silence, with layers of salt tears streaming down my face, it was good few minutes before I heard the most refreshing sound.

A loud gasp escaped from Louis’s lips. My heart slowly began to beat at a normal rhythm again while my tears came less frequently. I removed my hands from the side of his face and turned to Zayn who was still sprawled across the floor and gave him the thumbs up.

“LOUIS” I said, a bit louder than needed. “Can you hear me?” His eyes fluttered open. Eyes I never thought I’d see again. Thank you. I punched him lightly, barely touching him, in the left arm. “Don’t you do that to me again ok?”

Louis let out the smallest of smiles before wincing in pain. I looked down at his leg, his badly damaged leg. It was broken, along with a few of his ribs. I helped him up into a sitting position. I peered round the train looking at the other people. I looked in the direction of the girl who Zayn had been staring at pretty much the whole train journey. Oh no. Wait. I stared in horror, my heartbeat once again increasing. No.

Zayn’s POV

My lungs continually produced an on-going amount of coughs. I was in the middle of cough when I felt a leg brush against my side. I opened my eyes and saw Harry, who was cradling his shoulder and staring back at me.

I heard him mutter something; my brain was still too confused to process anything. So I mumbled a load of jibberish to hint to him that I was ok. He jumped into me for a hug. I hadn’t the heart to tell him that he knocked the air out of my system. Wait. Where’s Lou?

I tried to ask him and all he did was bow his head. No. Was Louis? He couldn’t be. Harry rushed off to Louis ‘aid. I laid their paralysed with fear. I can’t lose Louis. What the hell happened! Was there a crash? Wait, who I am I kidding, of course there was a bloody crash. Why else would the train be trashed and people injured.

I turned to Harry’s direction. He sent me the thumbs up. Did that mean Louis was ok? I felt like a whole world, had just been lifted off my shoulders. But why was their still a nagging feeling in my stomach? Harry and Louis were ok. The memories of today came flashing back to me. I remembered her smile, the closeness of her and her mother, the warm feeling I got when I looked into her sapphire eyes.

I began to panic. Where was she. I hadn’t even properly met her, so why did I care this much? I tried to lift my head up to see clearer. My eyes squinted to see as they rushed around the train. Yes. I found her. There she w-. No. NO. My heart felt like it broke into a million pieces. Tells fell automatically from my eyes. PLEASE NO.

Louis’ POV

I awoke to water falling on my face. Salty water. Tears? Who? What? I let out a loud gasp as my body revived itself. Wait. How long had I been unconscious for? Why was I unconscious? I opened my eyes to see two green ones gawking at me.  Harry. The green was faded, covered up by the fresh set of tears that I’m guessing had just arrived. Harry had been crying? Why was he crying? What had happened? I felt the lightest punch hit my arm. It shouldn’t of hurt that much. What was wrong with my arm?

“Louis don’t you do that to me again!” He thought I was dead? And he was crying? HA. I must remind myself to tease him for that later. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt an unbearable pain from my rib cage downwards. I let out a small yelp as the pain kept on growing stronger. My leg. MY LEG. It felt broken. I couldn’t move it. Why wouldn’t it move?

 I continued to wince in pain when I remembered the lights flickering from previously. There must have been a crash. HARRY. Wait I knew Harry was ok, I just saw him. God my head hurts so much. ZAYN. Where was Zayn? Harry helped me into a sitting position and focused his eyes on something in the distance. Zayn? Wait, that wasn’t Zayn. That was- that was. My eyes grew wider as I realised what I was staring at. Blood steadily fell from the lifeless body. NO. Why did my eyes have to witness this!

Emilia’s POV

I kept my eyes tightly closed trying to process the events that had happened in the last hour. My head throbbed as I tried to work where i was and why i was in so much pain. A crash. I remember my mother’s hold on me when the lights began to flicker and the train began to shake. I swiftly opened my eyes. Huh? Why were there three boy staring in my direction like they had just seen a ghost. My body grew tense. I turned my head to see what could possibly be that frightening.




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