Only In Destruction Can One Find Hope

Zayn, Harry, Louis, Emilia, her mother and the remaining passengers set off on what they thought was a regular train journey.

A massive train crash causes destruction. The passengers are trapped. Lives are lost. Lives are changed. No-one makes it out the same person.

Can new found love and strong bound friendships survive when chaos appears at every corner? And most importantly which passengers will make it out alive?


1. Chapter One.

Emilia’s POV

I clutched my mother’s hand as we made our way towards the station. It was only when her hand was in mine, that I felt its tremble. Its shake. I peered at mother, my favourite person in the world, and saw the pain in her turquoise eyes.

“Mum what’s wrong?” I asked her, worried for what could have upset her.

Just as the words had escaped my mouth t was then that I realised. How could I have forgotten? Of course it was a year ago today. The memory of that day flashed before my eyes.


A vigorous knock pounded at the door, waking both me and my mother up. My heart leaped outside my chest. Was it my father? Has his tour of Iraq finally been completed? I ran down the stairs with a mixture of fear and excitement rushing through me. Has he finally came back home?

I stood frozen in my steps as I saw my mother collapse to the floor, a raw cry escaping from her lungs. A police man stood awkwardly in the doorway, trying to offer her any form of comfort. No. No. No. This can’t be happening. It must be a mistake. It had to be a mistake.

“PLEASE TELL ME IT’S NOT ABOUT MY FATHER, PLEASE!” I screamed, praying it wasn’t true. My mother stood up holding onto the wooden banister for support. I leapt into her arms, promising to never let go.

It was said that a man with my father’s name tag was found. He was too badly damaged to be properly identified. We just had to believe it.


I slumped an arm round my mother’s shoulder and brought her in for a hug. Ever since that night we had become inseparably close. We did everything together. I guess you could say I had limited friends, limited boyfriends. But I didn’t care. I had her. I suppose I would love to be close to someone again. But ever since I heard about my father, I never left her side. Afraid she would break.

I whispered something in her ear and we both started to laugh. I laughed a bit too much for a joke that I, myself just told, but it cheered her up, that’s all that matters. In mid bending over backwards to let out some more laughter I caught a glimpse of a strikingly beautiful tanned boy around my age staring back at me, with his wide brown eyes. A shiver went down my spine as he continued his glare at me with those intense eyes. I offered him a smile before linking my arm around my mother’s and hopped on to the train.

Zayn’s POV

I nodded at Louis, which was when we began to jump on Harry. Louis began to sing as loud as he could to try and wake up the curly haired boy.

“WAKE UP HARRY, WAKE UP HARRY, WAKE UP HAZZA, WAKE UP HAZZA, YO HAZ, WAKE THE BLOODY HELL UP,” Louis belted out. I was laughing hysterically at this point. I decided to join in and began to sing as high pitched as I could.

“HARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY!” You’d think he was sleeping beauty, that’s how hard it is to wake him up.

Harry let out a chuckle and pushed me and Louis off his bed.

“OUCCCCCH” Louis groaned dramatically.


Harry chucked on a white tee, a pair of skinny black jeans and messed around with his hair for a good five minutes, while Louis was shoved a  whole bowl of cereal in his mouth. It wasn't attractive, but i laughed regardless. We managed to pack ourselves a bag for the journey and after 20 minutes we were out the door. I guess we’d have to catch the next train then. Great. I wish Niall and Liam were coming at least I’d have some adult conversation.

After arriving at the train station I rummaged through my pockets trying to find my train ticket. Once i had hold of it i pushed into the machine and made my way to the train.

“Guys do any of you have my train ticket?” Of course Louis had lost his train ticket.

“No! Go and buy—“  I froze as time around me seemed to pause.

She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her smile, her bright blue eyes sparkled that in the morning sunlight, her blonde, almost white, hair that flowed flawlessly down her back. It was the sound of her laugh that made me stop dead in my tracks. I heard Harry’s and Louis’ voices in the background but I wasn’t paying attention to anything but her smile.

I wondered what she was laughing about and who was she with. I presumed it was her mother as they looked similar but varied in age. I already began to admire their bond. Family, my mother especially was the most important thing in my life. I just wish I could see her more, I’ve been too busy recently. I hated it.

As my thoughts got the better of me It was then that i realised that i was still staring. God, she must think there is something mentally wrong with me. I felt my cheeks blush. She presented me with as smile she climbed onto the train. A SMILE. HER SMILE. My heart leaped around my chest aswell as my cheeks growing a darker shade of red. Before i could smile back she was already inside the train.

As she disappeared into one of the carriages time continued and I spotted both Harry and Louis staring at me. I rolled my eyes and started to walk towards the train, making sure I went into the same carriage that I just saw her step into. I heard Harry push Louis onto the train and then trip over the step straight after. A roar of laughter filled the carriage from the two idiots behind me. The door of the train closed. We had a long journey ahead of us.

Narrators POV

With an, unbeknownst to them, destructive and life changing journey ahead of them, Emilia, her mother, Zayn, Harry, Louis and the remaining passengers entered the train. Little did they know that not all of them would make it back out.

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