If I was free

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  • Published: 10 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Apr 2013
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This is the diary of Mina Swan, a Jew during World War 2, while she fights the horror of Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. These are her diary entries during the last days of her life.


2. The land on the other side of the rainbow

         Once again I awoke from nightmares but this time to my horror the hut was full of furious devils in uniforms. They were ordering everyone outside into the darkness. I decided to bring this diary with me so I won't feel so scared. As we trudge through the night I begin to feel utterly petrified. I can hear a roll of thunder closely followed by the flash of lightning that illuminated some kind of chamber before us. We were ordered to clamber inside and a metallic clang echoed through the chamber sending a shiver through my body. People were beginning to panic the tension rose like a cloud of ash.

    We were ushered through another set of doors into a much smaller room where we were squashed together like sardines.

    Then the lights went out and there was utter chaos. At this stage I don't even know ho I'm still writing this but somehow I am. screams arose from the panicked crowd as a hatch on the roof opened and something was dropped in on top of us.

    Black spots are clouding my vision but I can see it now. I can see the land on the other side of the rainbow. 

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