If I was free

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  • Published: 10 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Apr 2013
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This is the diary of Mina Swan, a Jew during World War 2, while she fights the horror of Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. These are her diary entries during the last days of her life.


1. The beginning of the end

                It feels like life has lost all meaning as I sit here writing. My name is Mina, I am 13 years old and I'm imprisoned at the horror that is Auschwitz concentration camp. 

       9th of April

This morning I woke up screaming, tears pouring down my hollow cheeks. I've been having this nightmare for weeks now and every time it leaves me in pieces. It starts off where my dear sister Isabelle and I were taken away from our beloved parents and deported to this hell. Isabelle started to get horribly ill and was transferred to the sick barracks away from my arms. She danced with death that night. When I went to visit her the next morning my gaze fell on her delicate body strewn precariously in a pit along with many others.That's when I always wake up and every time I feel my heart break. I keep feeling like life is worthless until I remember my grandmothers words "There is a land on the other side of the rainbow but only for those who seek it." I have to stay strong.

        I slowly slip out of the filthy bunk and my bare feet sink into thick mud. Hunger is gnawing my bones and I feel ever so weak but I trudge through the hut and into the fresh air. As I made my way through the crowd to where the roll call takes place I cold see out of the corner of my eye a young boy crumpling to the floor never to rise again.

    When I reached my destination we were all forced to stand there shivering in the cold for hours as names were read from paper. Afterwards we were told to work and I headed to the pit digging as they call it but really they're graves for the ones who can leave this wretched place.

      After hours of grueling work we finally got a rest. I stared as a bird flew by, how I envied that bird. What I wouldn't give for it's freedom. Just then I noticed one hut being emptied and the occupants were sent on a march. There's only one thing I notice about these marches, there's never any march back. I can only imagine what faith awaits them.

     We were finally given some food. It was only dry bread but it reduced the ravishing hunger in the pit of my stomach. After I wolfed down the meal I headed back to my hut. I tried not to think of the things I miss but it's not that easy not to. I always wonder if anything has happened to my parents and if these evil soldiers might someday receive souls, which I highly doubt. But between my nightmares I still dream of freedom.   

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