Once in a life time

Freya has a chance of a life time a dream she has been dreaming for every since they were famous but will she go on this journey of a life time and leave her old life behind.


5. Will you.....?

Niall's POV 

I feel soo bad about this Lissy incident that I just have to go say sorry so the tomorrow 

*next morning * 

I got woken by my alarm that I got given by the fire station little word of advice say no when they offer you one because it sounds like a fire truck siren. As I step into the roasting shower and let the water burn my skin, as it soon becomes relaxing, 

* after the shower* 

I slip on some jeans a plain white top and a jacket and head out the door with out a sound hoping not to wake the boys who crashed round my house. I knock on door to find a moany Lissy she instantly shuts the door in my face but I am too fast and I stick my foot in the door and say " hear me out I wrong to treat you spas I did but I just.....I don't know what came over me I'm sooo sorry I just had to hide my feelings for you Lissy you make me.......special Lissy I like you a lot but before I ask you the question will you forgive me first?" Lissy looks into my eyes which makes me melt away she nods and I hug we stand for severally minuets till Freya comes to ruin it, "what are you doing here!!!" Shouts Freya directing it at me "Stop Freya we made up its fine just leave it!" I stood there in the awkward silence to break it I said cheerfully "we'll girls we are having a interview at 12:00 so you can come round at 1:30." " What would make you think we would like to come round," Freya spat back at me. "We'd love to Niall bye have a nice interview," "Bye," and with that she closed the door. 

Freya's POV 

"You can't just let him back in you life Lissy," I slightly shout " I know but there is something out him just let me figer it out and get dressed Louis said he has something to tell me Oo look at the time it's 10:00 and he said to meet at 11:00 soz fray gtg get changed," and with that she was up stairs fast than you could say wait which I wished I had. 

Lissy's POV 

I wondered what Louis was going to ask me I was hoping it was for me to be his girl friend but then again i just a girl and he's a pop star I doubt it. I pick out a cute tye up at the bottom top with some denim shorts I put some darkish lip stick on and tyed my hair up in a loose pony tail and  grab my blackberry bold. I stop at the door put on my VANS shout to Freya " I'll be back at 12:00 " and rush out the door. I jump into my baby pink jeep and dive to meet Lou at caffe rouge. As I park my car a flood of people and flashing cameras are infront of caffe rouge not to mention hundreds of screaming fans. Yep Lou is deffo here. I walk up to  security and say my name age and DOB thankfully Lou is there to save the day and pulls me in side. I order a latte lots and lots of  froth and Lou orders a slice of carrot cake god him and his carrot. To break the awkward silence I start talking. " so Lou what was that thing you wanted to talk to me about?" He look up but avoided eye contact "well ........ I was thinking and from the moment you moved next to Niall house I just knew you were the one," I just stared at him urging him to go on. " Lissy I knows we haven't know each other for a long time will you do me the honour of being my carrot princess?" "Lou you brought me here to

me if I would be you carrot princess instead of Freya!?!?" " You didn't let me finish," explained Louis " will you go out with me??" My whole body froze. 

"YES LOU BOOO YES AND I WILL BE YOUR CARROT PRINCESS" I screamed a little too loud. And then Lou in a polite way to say shut up he kissed me passionately and from that moment I knew we would be forever.......... But what with Niall think???? 

A/N awww Team Niall or Team Louis?? Say in your comment. Liall or Lossy??  Btw shout out to HaroldHipStarFreya you are Freya in ma story 

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