Once in a life time

Freya has a chance of a life time a dream she has been dreaming for every since they were famous but will she go on this journey of a life time and leave her old life behind.


3. Relif

Freya's POV

My dad calles me down  telling me it was all a joke just because he was angry and he would never rip up a £200 ticket (partly because it was his £200)  we say our sorrys and I run up stair and get ready to go out with Lissy and also to tell her the good news.


Lissy's POV

I go to get dressed in my fave shorts and my cute ripped i <3 new york then I grab my blackberry and mulberry bag and rush out the door. I am so excited becuase I have just got a new car (becasue I have just passed my test) I jump into my red ferrari and drive to pick up Freya. Freya looks really excited even though she can't go to the 1D concert. She burst out " I have something to tell you it about the concert" I answer with "What you told me this morning that you couldn't go don't rub it in that I'm going alone." she burst out (again) " My dad was joking because he was so angry." I was so relived that I nearly crashed but we were at macy D so we were fine I go and find a parking spot then we both walk in to find the under cover 1D sitting there we get so excited I decide to go over there and say hi I tell Freya what Ii want and give her my tenner then I walk over to them and it all starts off with a "Hi" then me and Freya end up spending the whole evening with them after that Harry,Liam, Zayn and Freya get into Liam's car which leaves my two faves Niall and Louis all to me!!


Freya's POV

I am so excited me and HARRY STYLES are going to be in the same car I sit in the seat next to Harry and Zayn in the front. Harry is so sweet I feel so tierd so he asks me if I want to rest me head on his lap and who could resist that!

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