Once in a life time

Freya has a chance of a life time a dream she has been dreaming for every since they were famous but will she go on this journey of a life time and leave her old life behind.


8. I AM WHAT!!!!

Lissy's POV

I slowly start opening my eyes to find my self in a white room with several people around me "she's awake!" I hear one gasp but I cant get enough strength to sit up. One cute brown haired boy helps me sit up, "Urm I know this would sound rude but who are you?" I ask. All their faces drop after having some fun I can't stop myself from laughing, they all have confused looks on their faces. "Don't be stupid I know who you are I'm just playing with you" I say through laughing. Once I have stopped laughing and wiped the tears from laughing away from my eyes I say with a confused look '"where's Freya?" They all look round franticly "Harry?!" we all say apart from harry "where is she?" "I don't know" says harry as if its the most obvious thing in the world. I know this sound stupid I NEVER cry but I think I'm on my period or something cuz I just burst out crying. Louis sweet as he is rushes to my side "Lissy I know this is hard but congratz" I just stare at him like he's crazy, congratz? On what, what the hell have pasted???? Liam I Think saw my look cuz he said "Your pregnant" Then I Get Dizzy and hear Lissy, Lissy Are you ok before all I see is black......

Freya's POV

I wake up in Harrys arms at least I swear Harry has a tattoo on this arm wait this isn't Harry! I sit up faster than I've ever moved before to see Lissy ex Sitting there "Freya your not suppose to be awake yet and then I get a clothe to the mouth before I drift off into a heavy sleep again..............

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