Once in a life time

Freya has a chance of a life time a dream she has been dreaming for every since they were famous but will she go on this journey of a life time and leave her old life behind.


4. How could you!!!!!

Freya's POV

I wake up to find myself in a large house on something hard. I look into find my head on Harry's (styles ) chest, I smile and as he stirs I pretend to be asleep. Harry says in a husky voice " I know your awake!" I jump at this remark, and answer back "How?" And he says with a smirk " I didn't till now!" I slap him playfully but end up hurting my hand on his chest " Oww" I screech. " awwww," Harry kisses it playfully and goes to kiss it again but I'm too fast and jump up, I run through the door leading to the kitchen where I find Lissy standing in between Louis and Niall who are fighting ova what is the best Nandos or carrots as I distract Louis and Niall by scream as Harry grabs me for behind and lifts me fireman style, the last thing I see is Lissy grabbing the chick out of Niall's hand and the carrot out of Louis' hand and running off screaming " You'll never take me alive "  


Lissy's POV  

Niall and Louis run as fast as poss to catch me but I am the schools running champ. Louis finally tacks me to the ground but by then I have eaten both the carrot and chicken. "You ate my carrot I strip you of your carrot crown now Freya is the carrot princess,"  I pretend to cry as Louis pretends to go off in a strop not soon afterwards a puffed out Niall approaches me "where did you put my chicken," Niall says with a raised eyebrow. I point to me belly with a smirk as he looks as if he could kill but then again if he could cry. " Nandos is 2 hours away from here plus I was saving that," Niall shouts he sounds angry probs just a joke cuz it's just chicken. "Sorry but it's just chicken god Niall if your joking then fair enough but if your really sad, or angry then you need to get a grip," Niall steps closer to me and shouts in my face, " YOU KNOW WHAT WITH SOMEONE SHOULD WASH YOUR MOUTH ONCE IN A WHILE AND WHO EVEN ALOUD YOU IN MY HOUSE?!?!?" I stand back tear fighting. I just break I run out the house bawling my eyes out luckly my house is right next door. 

Freya's POV 

I heard Lissy crying and running out. Lissy never cries Niall's done something. I know it's not Harry's fault but I'm sooo mad at Niall I barge past Harry and run to find Niall in the kitchen again "What the hell where you thinking I understand you don't understand her life and that her boyfriend used to beat her when she was bad or disobeyed him but you have no right to treat her like that and to think she used to want to date you!" I said the words bad and disobeyed slightly sarcastically but he really did beat her very night I saved her though and washed all those bad memories away. At that I stormed out of the room in search of Lissy.

Niall's POV 

As Freya stood there shouting at me I started to feel guilty it was only a piece of chicken but if only she knew I was only trying to hide my true feelings for Lissy. Once Freya had stormed out of the room to I think find Lissy I started to feel so guilty and sad that someone as beautiful as her used to get hit because of somebody else. 

Louis POV

 I heared Niall I was soooooo angry with him how could he me and Lissy both knew we where joking but him he wasn't he just stepped out of line I was just about to put him in line Doncaster style but Freya beat me too it to be honest it proberly for the best because I would of beat him up.

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