Once in a life time

Freya has a chance of a life time a dream she has been dreaming for every since they were famous but will she go on this journey of a life time and leave her old life behind.


1. How could you

Freya's POV 

I can't believe he did that he said he would but I didn't believe he really would.I hate my dad. He brought me one thing <----(one direction) for my birthday and that one thing <----(1D again) was 1D tickets, btw he just teared up £200 tickets and he said it would be a lesson for me!! My BFF Lissy is going to be deverstated and proberly kill me, no how could I think that my own BFF wouldn't kill me I'm just angry. No furious. I flop down on my bed grab my blackberry and phone Lissy she will understand she has to. I wait for her to answer but she doesn't she has never not replied to me what's going on then I realised the time it's 12:06 I turn my phone off and get some shut eye hoping and dreaming she doesn't get in a mood with me,wait why would she, she never gets in moods with me anyway shut eye that's what I need shut eye.


Freya's Dads POV 

How dare she come back from her BFF house this late and expect everything to be ok lucky she didn't notice that I hadn't really ripped up her 1D tickets why would I just throw £200 down the drain no I swapped them with our old beauty and the beast theatre tickets. But she deserves what she got and that is that.  


Lissy POV 

Time Passed and we didn't keep track when Freya and I was watching a movie but as soon as the door bell rang we realised the time and Freya quicker than lightening was downstairs and at the door she quickly waved goodbye and we didn't get the chance to do our special hand shake but I knew why the look and expression on her dad face was not a pretty calm one so I don't balm her. Once Freya had gone I realised how tiered I was and trudged up to bed I had been in bed for about 16 mins and had just fallen asleep when I got woken by my fave song one way or another Freya's ring tone it was way to late for a chat so I just layer there listening to my faves Niall and Louis sing, until I on e again fell back asleep.    

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