Once in a life time

Freya has a chance of a life time a dream she has been dreaming for every since they were famous but will she go on this journey of a life time and leave her old life behind.


7. Hate Love Suprises

Lissy's POV 

I wake up to find myself naked laying in my bed next to my gorgeous boyfriend. I lay there staring at him, I know staring weird right but I can't help it he is just soo, my thoughts were interrupted by Louis saying "weirdo" I gasped and replied sassily "I am not they guy here who is obsessed with carrots" putting empathy on the obsessed. He replies sassier "nope your the girl who is OBSESSED with Nutella," I smile sheepishly I can not disagree with something that is damn right true. "So what would you like for breakfast," He askes changing the subject. I start thinking of pancakes, waffles and Nutella I was just about to answer when my stomach makes a gurgling sound and I rush to the bathroom just to be sick violently until I have nothing left. Louis sat next to me rubbing my back. "Are you ok babe," "yeh I dunno wht happened there," I ay with a slight chuckle. Then it hits me. "Louis did you use a condom?" "Urrrm let me check and don't worry if you are pregnant I'll be with you through out," I hug Louis before he walks out to check for any wrappers. Once he has left I start violently being sick again. I start to get a bit dizzy from being soo sick so I slowly walk to the bed. As I am just got our un suite door I collapse and then black...... 

Louis POV 

I was checking the bins for any signs nothing I don't know how Lissy is going to take this. All of a sudden I hear a thud of a small body hitting the floor I rush up stairs to check what has happened and find Lissy lying next to the bed side table. I run to the phone grab it call Freya and sit next to Lissy.  

F: Louis what is it your interrupting something important 'Harry no not yet' 

L: I don't care what your doing Lissy has just collapsed come straight away. 

F: OMG Im on my way over. 

*end of phone call*

I next call an ambulance (AP ambulance person) 

AP: Hello what's your emergency  

L: My girlfriend has just collapsed and is breathing very slowly 

AP: Ok please stay calm *interrupts*

L: I can not stay calm when she is going to die 

AP: Sir may I ask where you are

L: Urm I Don't know the street or house number can't you just track my phone 

AP: Ok sir we will be with you shortly 

*end of phone call*

I sit there wondering what will happen when all of a sudden the door swings open standing there is a crying Freya and the boys. Zayn and Niall rush to Lissy side holding back tears. We all wait silently for ten mins with Lissy body lying there her chest falling and rising slowly. Then we hear a knock at the door. "I'll get it " Harry quickly says and runs to open the door, a minuet later two ambulance people take Lissy away on a stretcher. One tries talking to me but I can't concentrate I don't care about anything right now all I care about is Lissy. 


Freya's POV  

I stand there in Harry's arms crying my eyes out. Poor Lissy. What happened. All these thoughtsgoing through my head but one thought standing out the most. What if she dies. I shake that out of my head. I suddenly feel really sleepy. I feel strong hands lift me up and carry me "Harry" I mumbled so quietly I don't think he heard me. I get put down a strap put round me and then the noise of a car starting. I think we're going to the hospital to see Lissy aren't me and then I think I fell asleep because everything went black......



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