Once in a life time

Freya has a chance of a life time a dream she has been dreaming for every since they were famous but will she go on this journey of a life time and leave her old life behind.


2. Forgiveness

Freya's POV  

I wake up to the bark of Lola my chiuwawa, I gasp and spring up from my bed run to the door and let her in. I pick her up and jump on my bed with her in my arms, i cuddle up to her saying I'm sorry and that I didn't mean to lock her gout its just because of my dad then I pick up my phone which was ringing constantly it was Lissy, I picked up the phone. "Hello Lissy I've got something to tell you it's about dad he's ripped up me tickets so i can't go to 1D with you im sooooo sorry." Lissy was silent she coughed,I knew she did that when she didn't know what to say, then she finially spoke " Thats ok I'll be fine just I thought it be a chance in a life time for the both of us but I guess I thought wrong" after that she hanged up the phone I knew she was deverstated but she just couldn't show it.

Lissy's POV

I can't believe her dad could be so mean and rip up her ticket I'm so angry. No furious but why did I hang up on Freya it's not her fault how could I be so mean i must apoligise to her I must.

Niall's POV

That next door nieghber Lissy I think her name is well she is so beautiful if only she knew that I was singing about her every night, no that would just be embrassing anyway got band practice tonight luckley it's at my house so she can finially reconise me as Niall from 1D. 

Louis's POV

I am so excited band practice is at Niall's house, the house next to the cute, funny Lissy if only she could notice me wait what am I saying I'm famous for god sake of course she going to notice me I'm 1D for god sake.

Harry's POV

I am proberly the most excited because it's at Niall house and next to his house is Lissy house and every time we go there Lissy's BFF Freya is there Freya is sooo pretty but I would die if she knew it was me Harry Styles she would proberly scream and be like all fans so I've got to keep undercover

Lissy's POV 

That boy nextdoor I don't think he's noticed but he is so hot and so is his friend I think its Niall and his friend Louis strange it's like 1D then it clicked me they are 1D how can they play so good anyway I'll go and knock tomorrow with Freya oooooo I'm so excited.

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