Once in a life time

Freya has a chance of a life time a dream she has been dreaming for every since they were famous but will she go on this journey of a life time and leave her old life behind.


6. announcement

Louis's POV

I can't believe I plucked up enough courage to ask her and she actually said yes im soo relived I found myself staring and beiung woke out of my day dream by Lissy hand being waved back and forth constatly. I shook my head "Huh what was that babe," I was so proud at calling her babe, she was mine, all mine. "I said shall we go tell the boys hun?" I smiled at the word hun but replied probs a bit too quickly, "Yeh lets go!" I grabbed her hand and we drove in our seprate cars to Niall's house.

Lissy's POV

I was really excited about telling the boys but I was scared how Niall would react. As I stepped through the door hand in hand with my louboobear I knew something wasn't right. "Where's Freya" I screamed, "In the bathroom being sick," replied Harry with a guilty look on his. "What have you done to her," "Well........Last night we were kissing and then we had some fun and well......." "Shes pregnant OMG!!!!!!!! but how could you Harry!" I run to the bathroom and open the door with a little too much grip and the whole door comes off but I don't care I drop it on the floor and run to my best friend which FYI is laying on the bathroom floor throwing up in the toliet. "Freya OMG look at you don't worry I'll be with you the whole way through this pregnatice," I tell her, "But I'm not pregnant I took the test at the doctors he said its just a bug," Freya said with a smile on her face. "Oh I better go talk to Harry I kinda had a go at him anyway hope you get better I'll make you my fame chicken soup and bring it up right away" I replie and walk off stepping ova the broken door.

When I get down stairs the first thing I say is "Niall I kinda broke your bathroom door.........no need to thank me," "YOU DID WHAT !!!!!" and with tha he was up stairs befofe I could even say sorry. Once he had gone we all burst out laughing. Then I said in a whiney tone "I Wanna Sit Down," Zayn moved up politely but before I could sit down, Harry jump and sat inbetween Zayn and Louis "Haha!" exclaimed Harry, I look as if I could cry but then I jumped on all of them. My head on Louis's lap, my chest on Harry's lap, my belly\legs on Zayn's lap and my legs on Liam's laps. "OOOOOWWWWW!!" they all said in chours, but I just laughed. Then I announced to everyone when Niall was half way down the stairs looking rather angry but with  a smirk on his face " Me and Lou are Together," There was a crowd of awws and ooos but then there was a noise that caught your ear it was the noise of loud feet stoping their way up the stair I look up to find Zayn stomping up them stairs not Niall and for the rest of the night I was confused Zayn came down once but all he said was "bye," and left. Once everyone had gone to bed me and Lou had some fun at my house and then we fell asleep in my bed. *hint hint*

A\N: What do you think happens when Lou and Lissy wake up and Lissy is acting strange will it all go wrong and they all turn against her but one or will they live their fairtale dream?????? Also shout out to HaroldsHipstarFreyaBe hope ya like ur charactor

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