Where are we?

What if One Directions tour bus broke down in the middle of nowhere? What if the only house for miles, was Jessica's...... A nobody. What if a certain Curly haired boy starts to fancy her, and what if hes not the only one... Hearts will be broken, love will be found in the strangest of places.


1. Where are they?



                                                                         JESSICA'S POV 


                                                                      *BEEP BEEP BEEP* 

          " Ok, I'm up, I,m up! " I yelled to my alarm clock. " Like an inanimate object can understand me..... " Time to get up and prepared for another eventful day! ( note the wonderful sarcasm ) As I walk downstairs to my kitchen, I get this strange feeling that today's going to be a very strange day...... eh whatever! " Morning Mom, How'd you sleep? " I asked her as I walked into the kitchen " I'm fine sweetie, how are you? " " Good I guess..... I'm gonna go watch TV. " I said as I walked into the living room, and turned on the flat screen. " One Direction last seen leaving their hotel and getting pushed to their tour bus by body guards Friday morning, Its's Saturday and they are late for their big concert in Illinois! Where are they? " said the News Reporter. " Hmm thats weird. " I said to myself   

                Authors Note: Should I keep going? Is it good please let me know..... No mean comments I'm new at this!

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