Where are we?

What if One Directions tour bus broke down in the middle of nowhere? What if the only house for miles, was Jessica's...... A nobody. What if a certain Curly haired boy starts to fancy her, and what if hes not the only one... Hearts will be broken, love will be found in the strangest of places.


2. Ummm Hi


                                                                                    JESSICA'S POV

' That's weird.... " I thought to myself. And thats when I heard a knock on the door...


                                                                                     HARRY'S POV

" COW CRAP, ANYTHING BUT COW CRAP! " I yelled as we walked outside to check out the damage of our tour bus. " I think the correct name is manure. " said Liam " Not helping! " I shouted back " Where's Paul he was supposed to be following us in his car? " said Louis " He probably got lost just like us! " Stated Zayn " Ya but hes probably not stepping in COW CRAP! " I yelled. " Manure..... " Liam said, I sent him the death glare. " Lets just go find some food, I ate it all! " Niall said " Ya and a phone cuz I dont have a signal.... " Liam added " Yah lets get going, I need to wash off my shoe! " I complained.

                                                                            * A MILE AND A HALF LATER *

" LOOK A HOUSE, GUYS ITS A HOUSE! " I yelled " Thank god " Liam said " I'll go knock! " I said as I walked up the porch steps towards the front door.... As the door opened I couldn't prepare myself for what I saw next. " Umm h-hi " I studdered nervously 


                                                                   Authors Note: PLEASE READ! Cliff hanger haha! Should I keep going? Oh and I kinda wan't to have Jessica to have friends that end up dating Liam, Louis, and Niall...... So tell me your name and what you look like and like and fave my book and I'l' put you in the upcoming chapters! And how am I doing so far???

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