The Reaper Diaries [Extended]

Louise didn't expect to be Death.

A while ago, I wrote a story on Movellas named The Reaper Diaries that was hashed out in a couple of hours for a contest. I got a whole bunch of lovely feedback and some amazing support on it and have been developing it into a full-length novel. I'm entering it into the Sony Young Writers' contest to try and win a workshop with a published writer. :) Let me know what you think of these first three chapters. <3

[Mature Content is swearing only.]


1. Prologue

I’m Death.

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. Before you conjure up an image of a tall, sweeping figure with a cloak and scythe, take a breather for a moment.

My name is Louise.

I’m actually kinda short. 4”9, and the bane of my life since primary school. I’m far too skinny to be remotely threatening, and I don’t much go in for black. Or cloaks. I’m blonde, and have green eyes that are a little too small for my face, so I always look like I’m squinting at something.

I don’t have a list. I don’t come away to sweep you in the dark of the night because it’s your time. Nobody has a time. Not really. Or if they do, it’s not up to me, anyway. Death just sort of… happens. Believe me; I know.

So this may not be the story you were expecting. 

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