My randomness book

Basically, sometimes I feel like writing something on here, but I don't have a story that what ever I want to write will work in. So, I decided to write a book where anything could be in it so I can write what ever I want in it. It might be a start to a story, it could be just what ever I'm thinking at the time. But one thing is for sure, it will definitely be incredibly random.


2. Sleepy

I want to sleep. I am so tired, even though I had almost 11 hours sleep last night, all I want to do is sleep. So I will write a short sleepy story....



All I want to do is sleep. I know when I do sleep I will dream about today, but I don't remember my dreams anyway, and I am quite good at blocking out memories that I don't want to remember so that's alright. I will lie down and just sleep for as long as I can and just try and not wake up. I know I will wake up, and I want to wake up, I still love my life, I just didn't love today. I'm starting to drift......          I'm almost asleep.......               *snore*

My dream

I was down by the river. I like to take my breakfast down there and just watch the city wake up. Mum doesn't mind, she used to come down with me to check that I'm alright, but she trusts me now. It's nice just to sit here. I generally forget to eat my breakfast. The river is my favourite place to sit and think. But today, I didn't have enough to think about. I have come close to falling asleep before, but I have never been that stupid.





Before today. 


I should have known better, I do know better, but today I just forgot. I came over completely exhausted, I don't think I have ever been that tired whilst at the river. The river keeps me interested, the river stops me from letting the wave of tiredness washing over me. Except for today. It was stupid really,I decided to close my eyes and think and I just fell asleep. I woke up somewhere completely different. I know what happens when you fall asleep by the river, the sleep mist comes. You can't stop it and you can't fight it. The mist is the one bit of evil by this river. It takes you somewhere, no one knows where, unless they have been taken. Once the mist has taken you, you will never come back to the river. Unless you are me. I don't know how I escaped, but somehow I did. When I woke up, I was surrounded by colour. It was brighter there than it had ever been on earth in my lifetime. You see, as beautiful as the river was, it drained colour from wherever it is, and as the river runs all around the earth, everything is a sort of dull grey. The mist is the one bit of colour on earth now, and that is why we have been told that colour is evil. At school we have often been told legends about the old days where everything had colours. We were told that the colour had caused all of the people's hatred and wars. That it had caused violence and all bad that happened. That it made you die. Then one day some scientists discovered that all colour was evil, and that they had to banish it from earth. So they made the river. Now all s peaceful, there is no hate, there is no death, there are no wars. But there are the resistance. They have given themselves eternal sleep so they will never wake up. They said that they would rather dream about when the world was bright and beautiful than see this world of grey.




I might carry on with that story in later chapters, but then again, I might not. 

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