Violet Skies

Violet, your normal 15 year old girl. Although, she's in love. Not with any ordinary boy, the most wanted boy in the school, maybe the world even. What she doesn't know, is that one day, something will happen, unexpected and heartbreaking.


2. The Field


We'd sit for hours on end, in a field of flowers. Not ordinary flowers. The beautiful ones that made an ocean of colour. The blue himalayan poppy, peony flower, dahlia, passion flowers, clematis, roses, cosmos, violets, african daisies, morning glory, nearly every flower full of beauty and colour surrounding us, not only with their vibrant colours, their scent as well. 


As if in a dream, Logan pulled out a ring from behind his back. and spoke the words I had longed to hear for years.

"Violet, we have been together for a year today. In two minutes to be exact. Before that time comes I would like to take the chance to tell you that our the most beautiful, caring, lovely, stunning and amazing girl in this universe. I couldn't ask for anything more of you. You're perfect just the way you are and I love you for that. I love you for many reasons. Two minutes isn't enough time to explain my never ending feelings toward you. So will you Violet, take this promise ring, as a token of my love for you, to wear until the day I propose?" His eyes widened and a nervous look spread across his face. I replied, no thought needed.

"Logan, please don't look so worried. I love you. Yes. The answer will always be the same, until the day I pass away. I would only dream of spending the rest of my life with you, now I don't have to dream. Is this all real?"

"Everything is real baby. I love you"

Hey leant over me and kissed me. His soft lips felt like heaven on mine. His gentle hands brushing through my hair. I was in paradise, and i didn't want to leave. 

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